How to build customer confidence when you auction something you own!

How to build customer confidence when you auction something you own!

How to build customer confidence when you auction something you own!

And it could be just the smallest of the problems that will make you think twice before buying at your auction. Below you will find some obstacles and how you can solve them on your auction page.

Is this seller trustworthy?

This is a question that all serious visitors to the auction will ask themselves. Since they don't know you, they'll want to check you out. But how will they do this? Well, the first thing they would look for is their comments rating. Feedback is a way in which eBay allows buyers and sellers to rate their experiences among themselves. If you have a stellar feedback rating, your visitor will feel it is reliable. Your goal should be to increase your auction comments and keep it positive.

Another way that a visitor can verify if he is reliable is to click on his "Me Page". The "Me page" is a page that you can create in your eBay account. It allows you to provide your potential bidders with basic information about you and your business. You can also include your comments and other auctions listed on this page. This is where you have the opportunity to tell your potential bidder about you and your business, why you should buy from you. I strongly recommend that you take advantage of this and create a "Me" page in your eBay account.

People may also have questions about their auction. So you can receive an email asking about your product or service. You should take this opportunity to prove to your prospective bidder that you are a real person. Take this time to show your integrity, honesty, credibility and experience in your product or service. Include an email link on your auction page and tell your visitors that any questions are welcome.

What about a warranty?

You always need some kind of guarantee for your product or service. Once again, it will help show your visitor that you are a reliable business person. Remember that your buyer assumes most of the risk here. He / she is buying from someone they never met, a product they have only seen in a photo, and they must pay for that product before receiving it. An adequate warranty for your product or service will help your visitor to become a bidder.

How paid?

The more options you have for payment, the more visitors will become bidders. There are many means of payment. The normal thing is PayPal. PayPal is an eBay company, so having a PayPal payment button in your auction is an easy and free option to include on the auction sales page. But in addition to PayPal, you may want to consider the exception of other payment options as well.

What happens with the delivery?

Always fully disclose how your product or service is delivered and your delivery charge. Whether you send it through the postal service or a courier service, your bidder will want to know how you should expect to receive the purchase and what the cost will be. You can usually approximate the time and cost of delivery based on the information you get from your local post office or courier.

If you answer the above questions on your auction page, you will increase customer confidence and are more likely to become a bidder. And more bidders means more benefits for you!