MS Excel : COPY STYLES to another workbook

COPY STYLES to another workbook

A style is a collection of formats that you use within a
work book. With styles, it maintains consistency in
the way numbers, dates, times, borders and text
Appear in cells. You can create a style based on any
combination of formats available in format cells
dialog box, accessed by clicking on Format
button in the Styles dialog box. A workbook can
It contains many styles.

Styles simplify your work and reduce time
required to format worksheets. With styles, you can
change many cells at once creating a style and
applying the style to other cells. To use a style in
another workbook, copy the style of a workbook
the other. When you copy one style to another
Workbook, Excel calls that merger.

To copy styles, you must open both the workbook
from which you want to copy the style and the
Workbook to which you want to apply it.

MS Excel : COPY STYLES to another workbook

1 Open the file with your custom

MS Excel : COPY STYLES to another workbook

2 Open the workbook in which
You want to merge styles.
3 Click the Start tab.
4 Click Cell Styles.
The style gallery appears.
5 Click Merge Styles.

MS Excel : COPY STYLES to another workbook

l combination styles
the dialog box appears.
6 Click on the workbook
whose styles you
want to use.
7 Click OK.

MS Excel : COPY STYLES to another workbook

The copied styles are now available in
New workbook.

Did you know

Each style in a workbook must have a unique style
Name. If you try to copy a style into a workbook
that contains a style with the same name, a warning
the box appears when you click OK on the merge
Styles dialog box. If you want the imported style
To take the place of the existing style, click OK.
Otherwise, click No or Cancel.

Apply it!

Using a style copied in a book works
same as if you created the style within
work book. To use a copied style, select the cell
or range of cells to design. Click Start and
then click on Cell Styles in the Styles group. the
The style gallery appears. Click on the imported style.

Link to the web from your presentations

Link to the web from your presentations

You can create hyperlinks to pages or sites on the
World Wide Web to supplement the content in your
presentations. These links are available to click when
you deliver your presentation in Slide Show view. The
hyperlinks are underlined so that you can
differentiate them from normal text. When you click
the link, your Internet browser opens with the Web
page loaded.

You can also create hyperlinks to pages on your
company’s intranet site. For example, in a
presentation about company sales performance, you
can include links to supplemental sales data in case
detailed questions are asked about the points in your
slides. Likewise, when giving a presentation about
your company’s marketing efforts, you can include a
link to your company’s Web site and internal
marketing sites.

You can also add hyperlinks to graphics, shapes, or
other objects on your slides. To create a hyperlink on
a graphic or shape, follow the steps below, but in
Step 1, click the graphic or shape, and then proceed
with Step 2.

Link to the web from your presentations

1 Select the text to which you
want to add the hyperlink.

Link to the web from your presentations

2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click Hyperlink.

Link to the web from your presentations

The Insert Hyperlink
dialog box appears.
4 Click Existing File or
Web Page.
5 Use the Address text
box to type the address
of the Web page you
want to link to.
6 Click OK.

Link to the web from your presentations

The Insert Hyperlink dialog box closes.
7 Press F5 to view the slide in Slide Show
* The slide appears in Slide Show mode
with the hyperlink.

Change It!

By default, when you position
your mouse pointer over the
hyperlink, the target URL appears.
If you want it to display different
text, follow Steps 1 to 5 above,
and then click the ScreenTip
button. Type the desired text in
the ScreenTip text box in the Set
Hyperlink ScreenTip dialog box,
and then click OK.

Try This!

The easiest way to insert the
hyperlink into the Address field in
the Insert Hyperlink dialog box is to
start in the browser with the Web
page loaded. Select and copy the
address line displayed in your
browser. In Step 5 above, click
inside the Address text box and
then press Ctrl+V to paste the

MS EXCEL : Conditionally format your worksheet

MS EXCEL : Conditionally format your worksheet

If you want to monitor your data by highlighting
certain conditions, the conditional Excel format
The feature can help you. For example, if your company
offers a bonus every time sales exceed 150,000
dollars, you can have Excel Excel cells that contain
sales figures provided the value is greater than
150,000 dollars. You can also highlight Excel
a cell when the input is smaller, between or equal
to a specified value. Use Excel conditional
Format function to monitor text, dates, duplicate
values, the upper N, the upper N percent, the lower N,
the lower N percent, higher than average values, or
below average values.

The changes affect the data with conditional formatting. Yes later
a change, a cell no longer meets the condition, Excel
Remove highlighting. Yes, after a change, a cell
meets the condition, Excel adds highlighted. Your
determine exactly what the condition is and what
It should happen if a cell meets the condition. Standing out
provides you with a list of formats from which
Choose, and you can also create a custom format.

MS EXCEL : Conditionally format your worksheet


1 Click and drag to select the data.
do you want to monitor
2 Click the Start tab.
3 Click Conditional Formatting.
A menu appears.
4 Click to select a menu option.
A submenu appears.
5 Click to select a menu option.

MS EXCEL : Conditionally format your worksheet

A dialog box appears.

Note: this example uses
Larger than.
6 Enter your criteria.
7 Click here and select the
format you want to apply.
You can choose to create a
custom format
8 Click OK.
Excel highlights all data
That meets your criteria.

MS EXCEL : Conditionally format your worksheet


1 Repeat steps 1 to 3
listed under Conditional
l this is the one selected
A menu appears.
2 Click Data Bars.
A submenu appears.
3 Click on the color data bar
do you want to use

MS EXCEL : Conditionally format your worksheet

Excel applies the data bars to the cells that

Did you know

Excel offers you several colors to choose from
since when you add data bars to your worksheet.
You can select another color. Click on the Start tab
and then click on Conditional Formatting in the styles
group. A menu appears. Click on Data Bars and then
Click More rules. The New Format Rule dialog box
the box Use the Bar Color field to select a new one appears
color. Click OK

Did you know

You can use color scales to format data conditionally.
Color scales use color gradations. For example, yes
use Excel yellow and green color scale, yellow
It represents lower values ​​and green, higher values. TO
apply a color scale, select the cells to which
you want to apply the scale, click on the Start tab, click on
Conditional formatting, click on Color scales and then
Click on the color scale you want to apply.

How To Use Time And Technology To Run A Successful Link Exchange Program For Your Website


How To Use Time And Technology To Run A Successful Link Exchange Program For Your Website

Link exchanges are a time-consuming project. The time it takes to find sites to exchange, contact them and place a link on your page may seem like an eternity. The hardest part of link exchanges is not research, it is waiting. This article will give you some tips to help speed up the response time to your requests.

"How long does it normally take?" you ask. The average wait can be 2 to 3 weeks, sometimes even more. The reason for this is that many people operate their website as a hobby or a parallel business and may not be aware of their email. Keep these deadlines in mind before judging the success of a link campaign.

The first step is to find sites related to your website that DO NOT have a large directory of published links. You want to link to sites that have less than 100 links on your links page. Your Page Rank (PR) must be at least equal to yours. Taller is better, so always aim for heavy hitters. Now, to the task of saving you time.

Once you have located a site to contact, send a brief but touching email. What should be in your email? First, your email must be personalized. Do not send the same email to dozens of people, send one at a time. This will help avoid being considered a spammer. The personalized touch shows that you are serious and that the email was sent by a real person. Nothing says "this is of little importance to me" like a letter, so avoid using them.

The letter must also include:

The HTML code of your text ad. This will make it easier for people to add your link to your site.
A link to your links page. This will facilitate those who request a link to find your page.

Also, if you are asked to link first, do it. If you have already been to your site (and certainly should have done so if you request a link), most likely
Know if they want a link in good faith. The email you send them must have a confirmation that your link is active and that you are requesting a reciprocal link.

Once you contact the website owner, how long will you wait? One week? Two weeks? Honestly, it may be a month before you see your link unless it shows some persistence. It does not always depend on how often you make updates. I would contact them once a week after their initial consultation after first consulting their site. They may have placed a link without notifying you.

So, in summary:

Take time to find sites that will be an asset to your company to save time by not matching those that will not.
Correct, personalized emails
Include all necessary codes and links to facilitate the site with which you wish to exchange
Research your link policy in advance
Be persistent

Link exchanges require a lot of time. Patients and an excellent record are needed to track who has added it and who has not. I do this with an Excel spreadsheet. It makes tracking much easier to do. Especially, if you are doing great link campaigns.

Good luck.

How to avoid taking huge loans while starting your online business

How to avoid taking huge loans while starting your online business

How to avoid taking huge loans while starting your online business

Credit cards can be a great thing for new independent online business owners who have just started their online adventure. They are convenient, easy to use and are very useful when it comes to taking those little steps that a newbie needs to start online.

Here are 5 basic and very important tools
1. Web hosting
2. Registration of the website name
3. Auto responder
4. Drive
5. Join an affiliate program

Once everything is set up and completed, the excitement begins to grow and they think about advertising and making money.

A few days pass. They reach their credit card and start spending money on all those tempting and juicy ads that promise them "sales that skyrocket", with no idea what they are spending on. They do not have an established plan. They never thought about setting a budget.

Once they maximize 1 credit card, they are tempted to try other marketing things, which leads them to the point of requesting more cards or using their other cards they own.

How do I know this? Well, my story began 2 years ago, when I started my online commercial adventure. I listened to everyone about how I should promote my current website and the affiliate programs I was in and still am. I went out and spent a lot of money without planning my effort.

Individual ads, pay per click, purchase of leads, membership in this and that. The list goes on .....

To summarize, I have maximized some credit cards because I was stupid enough to spend money on ads without planning my budget. My biggest mistake was that I didn't have an established plan. I made that mistake and I am very happy because now I can teach you not to make the same mistakes that break your heart.

Therefore, do not spend money that is not really yours. It is important to spend money that is yours and is within your budget.

You should plan a monthly budget so that you know what your plan is and not exceed it. Remember, if you don't draw a monthly game plan, you may feel tempted to spend on many things that can make you go into a huge and endless debt.

The problem with excessive spending on your card or credit cards is that once it is late, it can take a long time to catch up. Knowing that you spent a lot of money and borrowed more, this can be very scary, frustrating and can make you feel like quitting very fast.

But somehow, others do not because they find it difficult to ignore those juicy advertising words that allow them to think that it will give them an excellent effort or some result.

Now, I am not saying that a credit card is bad for you. You MUST know how to use it intelligently. If you use it the wrong way as I described earlier, it can mean the difference between success and failure.

So here are 4 simple steps that you can use at this time to go in the right direction with your online business and not incur BIG debts.

1. Here is an appointment I use daily. "If you don't plan, plan to fail." In other words, you should plan what you will do and what you plan to spend each month. If you don't have a plan, you can lose a lot of money.

2. Know when to say "NO". It is tempting and easy to obtain a credit card, enter your card number and click on the "Pay here" button. I know all about it. Set a monthly budget and keep it. Period.

3. If your advertising action plan does not give you the results you expected, review or change that plan, but comply with your budget.

4. And finally, give your business time to grow and never give up no matter what.

The rapid development of games: increasing graphics vs gameplay

The rapid development of games: increasing graphics vs gameplay

The rapid development of games: increasing graphics vs gameplay

If you are old enough to remember the early days of computer games, you know that there were many great games that were fun because of the exceptional gameplay and not just the graphics. Games started to get a bit more popular in the 90s when people started buying computers. In the early 90's, games like Maniac Mansion, X-com 1, and Civilization were extremely popular due to their unique and addictive gameplay. Today, games are mainstream and marketed to a mass audience. To market to everyone, many games these days focus on graphics and special effects rather than a single game. You see a lot of games that appear to be carbon copies of each other with slightly different twists.

These days many games try to be as realistic as possible and have as many textures and polygons stuck to it to wow your eyes. To market to everyone, many games these days focus on graphics and special effects rather than a single game. Although there is nothing wrong with a game with beautiful graphics, once the novelty of the graphics wears off, the gameplay is what keeps you playing. You see a lot of games that appear to be carbon copies of each other with slightly different twists. There are some games like Halo 2 that the developers obviously spent a lot of time tweaking to make sure the game was as enjoyable as possible. With Halo 2, the two things that give it an advantage in my opinion is the fact that player movement is slower than most games and weapons are very balanced. Also, instead of throwing tons of multiplayer maps at the player, the developers focused on making a limited number of quality maps.

Free software games are an option for people on a budget who value gaming over graphics. A free game is simply a game that is completely free and free of charge. Free software developers generally don't have the million dollar 3D engines to run their games so they need to make the games as fun as possible without all the bells and whistles of retail games. These developers create games simply for the love of making them, and sometimes they create unique, quality games that are definitely worth watching. Especially considering that these games are completely free. These games span all retail game categories, from massively multiplayer to 3D First Person Shooter. Some companies also release production-quality games as free software because they choose not to put the game into production or as a promotion.

Add a link to an e-mail address

Add a link to an e-mail address

You can make it easy for customers or potential
customers to reach you when you include hyperlinks
to your e-mail address in presentations. Links to
e-mail addresses look just like regular hyperlinks,
with underlined text to differentiate it from regular
text. When the presentation is in Slide Show mode,
the hyperlink is clickable.

When links to e-mail addresses are clicked, the
viewer’s default e-mail client is opened, a new e-mail
message is created, and the message is
preaddressed to the e-mail address specified. When
viewers finish with the e-mail message, they must
intentionally return to PowerPoint to complete
viewing the presentation, so you might want to
include links to e-mail addresses at the end of your
presentation so you do not risk losing viewers before
they are finished with the presentation.

You can also specify the subject line for use by those
sending a message. For example, to easily identify
messages received from clicking the link, you can
specify a subject line, such as Patient Health
Education Seminar.

Add a link to an e-mail address

1 Select the text to which you
want to insert the e-mail

Add a link to an e-mail address

2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click Hyperlink.

Add a link to an e-mail address

The Insert Hyperlink
dialog box appears.
4 Click E-mail Address.
5 In the E-mail address
field, type the complete
e-mail address of the
message’s intended
6 In the Subject field,
type the subject of the
7 Click OK.

Add a link to an e-mail address

The Insert Hyperlink dialog box closes.
8 Press F5 to preview the slide in Slide Show
* The presentation opens in Slide Show
mode with the hyperlink inserted onto the

Did You Know?

A hyperlink is also differentiated from
normal text by its font color. If your
presentation does not use a design theme,
hyperlinks are blue by default. If your
presentation does use a design theme, the
Design tab’s Colors button determines the
hyperlink font color.

Change It!

When you position your mouse pointer
over a hyperlink to an e-mail address while
in Slide Show mode, it appears as
“mailto:<alias> subject:<subject>,” which
is hardly a user-friendly ScreenTip. To change
the ScreenTip to something friendlier, follow
Steps 1 to 5, and then click the ScreenTip
button. Type the new ScreenTip text in the
ScreenTip text box in the Set Hyperlink
ScreenTip dialog box, and then click OK.

What is page rank? And how to get high page rank on google?


What is page rank? And how to get high page rank on google?

Most likely, you have been on the Internet and have been browsing on and off the websites for valuable information related to a favorite topic or researching a topic for school or work. As you type keywords, it matches the information you are looking for on Google, it appears with 10,000 pages of information. It is practically impossible to go through each one, so refine your search by adding more exclusive keywords. Voila the number of pages is reduced to around 1,000. Still, there are many pages, but you start looking for the information to find what you want.

The information I needed to find was in the first or second order of PageRank. Wondering how they got such a high rank on Google? You may think it was very expensive to get that site on top of the pile. The funny thing is that, with a little knowledge and around $ 75, you can also go to the top.

Search Engine Optimization or "SEO" has become a standard in the web design industry, each client of a good web designer wants to be number one in his keyword . A good web designer will dress the home page of a website to match your client's requirements in specific keywords. The client will also pay more for the exclusivity to remain intact. SEO has become a niche for many web companies. They know that if they can take the company to the top quickly, word of mouth will be useful for their business.

Some search engines have discovered these tricks of the exchange and have banned certain websites from their indexes. There is a different logic that Google uses to calculate the range of the page and the keywords are only part of it.

First things first, if your website is a keyword, that does not automatically give you a first place. It will take time to rank up and you must sign up for Google as soon as possible to raise your rank. But just having the correct URL (Universal Resource Locator) does not guarantee first place either. You must also exchange or exchange links with other Google users. The more you use indexed Google websites, the faster and higher your site will be placed in the ranks.

A Google robot will visit your site frequently, so continue modifying your code and continue checking its rank and status. Finally, your site will rise in range and land on top. It can take time and work, but you will get used to keeping it there once you use the right combination of keywords with links. Some companies may charge up to $ 1,000 for first place, they use the same techniques, although they don't want you to know this. Keep your META tags, title, keywords and content in line with your keywords and continually seek to optimize them. Under no circumstances remove other people's keywords from your code; This is potentially dangerous since it could be violating copyright laws.

Know some important rules and secrets to run a successful affiliate program

Know some important rules and secrets to run a successful affiliate program

Know some important rules and secrets to run a successful affiliate program

There are many people who log on to the Internet every day in search of a way to earn money online.

They start with the best intentions, but unfortunately, before they know it, they are being bombarded with information and are simply turning their wheels.

I fully understand this. There is a lot of online marketing information online and once you start it seems like an "information overload".

Therefore, I will try to keep this as simple and brief as possible.

Many people will sign up for an affiliate program that promotes the product or affiliate program. This makes sense. Starting as an affiliate seller is probably the easiest way to start online. There are many affiliate programs that will provide everything you need to promote your products or programs ... Well, almost everything.

You see, many of these affiliate sites will give you a website, but you are not the owner of the site. It is an entry site. He doesn't even have the domain name for that matter.

However, being part of one of these programs is not bad. I belong to several. SFI is a perfect example. I joined their program and I have several sites that gave me to promote their products and their affiliate program.

But if you are really going to make money with these types of sites, you will have to do much more than just sign up for your program.

It is simply irrational to think that people will simply meet your site and sign up for your program and start earning money.

There are some things you should do if you really want an affiliate program to work.

First, you must have your "own" web page with your "own" domain name and your "own" host. Then, you will have links from your "own" site to the other "gateway" sites. You will promote your gateway site, but you will promote it through your own site.

There are so many reasons for this that it could not fit into this article, but basically the site is yours to run as you wish. Think of it this way ... it is "your" store and you are selling "your" product.

Your website could be designed as a short sales letter that focuses primarily on this program, if that is what you choose. Or, it could focus on several affiliate programs and products within the same market. For example, a sales letter with the best opportunities to earn money from 3 to 5.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Either way, promoting a program / product or promoting several, not only will you want to own your own site, but you can definitely "attract" potential customers from time to time. What I mean by that is that you want to capture the email addresses of the people who visit your site.

To do so, you must give away something that has enough value so that people are willing to give up your email address and receive something from you week after week or at least month after month.

An electronic newsletter / publication is perfect for this. Send a weekly or monthly newsletter on your topic that includes articles, tips, e-courses, bonuses, etc. This way you can connect your programs over and over again (not just once).

I know this sounds a lot ... design your own website and your own newsletter.

However, there are programs available that really configure everything for you, including a website, an automatic response, a prewritten newsletter and even unlimited support.

Plug-in-Profit (PIPS) is a perfect example. You can have a website that site is 100% yours to change as you wish. The site is ready to promote 5 different programs. You can work with as many as you want and you can also add yours.

You also get a prewritten newsletter and an automatic response that is also 100% customizable. The newsletter is obviously designed to promote the programs that come with the website, but you can change it as you wish.

PIPS may or may not be what you are looking for; However, if you really want to succeed online, you will definitely need your own website and your own newsletter.