Sunday, February 14, 2021

Avoid Scam in Cyber Space


Avoid Scam in Cyber Space

With the rapid growth of business in cyber space, making a lot of elements that are not liable to make the shape of an affiliate website that proved not to pay. Or the more we are familiar with the term scam. The question now is, how do I avoid a scam? Actually, to examine whether or not a scam website was very easy. All you need to do is pay attention to the development of the website. Or more details, let us consider the tips to avoid scam in cyber space:

1. Note the System Work

The first step you need to consider is the system works. Be careful with programs that hypnotizing eyes so that we can follow the program. For example: you as a member will be paid big, while your own work is small (easy to do) chances are, this program is a SCAM. Remember: no pain no money!

2. Note Values ??Commission

Most of us are tempted by a program that pays a GREAT commission the great commission. This often occurs in PTC programs. Read PTC Scam.

3. Note the age of a website

Websites that are credible and actually pay in general have been aged for at least a year and half. So I suggest to follow a program that was so old. You can check the age of a website with a tool that is provided by the site For example, if you want to register the PTC program, please list on,

PTC website has proven to pay and that is not a SCAM.

4. Ask in yahoo answer

Yahoo’s answer is a gathering place for everyone, including the online business that has been experienced. Ask questions in yahoo answer in a way that standard and use language that is easy to understand, Example:

“I am a newbie who has just anchored in the online business, here I want to ask whether the site it a scam?”.

I am sure that you ask these questions will be answered definitely.

Hopefully this article can be useful to avoid scam in cyber space.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Effort for Blogging

Effort for Blogging

Effort for Blogging

Not a problem if you complain about your blog as long as it is reasonably strong. If you are one of people who  likes to complain about a blog that is owned, continue to defend it, you need effort for blogging. You may wonder why should maintain a complaint, because most likely can get a better chance than what has been gained today. Still not believing? Here I give some references you can use in improving the quality of the blog. Some people have a predilection to analyze what they should have and then disseminate to others. For example compare the number of visitors, readers, blog income even in the same position (it has a theme, topic, and the same target market). But if you’re not happy with the blogs that have been owned, try looking for other ideas to make it more special. There are still many ideas that can be taken out and the reader need your expertise. And if you do not want to move or make the transition, inevitably you have to accept it.

By constantly complaining about your blog about the various shortcomings, sooner or later would have been forced to make changes in any way. With any luck, a good opportunity awaiting your blog. Some people do and create a blog with SEO topics that they do not really want, when in fact they want a blog with the theme of media (or as their interest). Find out your actual ability, rather than follow the currents and trends that exist today. Understand a little about SEO, but had dared to provide related blogs. At least I know about SEO, but I prefer blogs that investigated the marketing because it basically has to undergo and feel. With the habits and routines that we do will be easier to create a topic without having to see the results of others first. Do not be afraid that your blog will not raise as many visitors as SEO blogs, not all surfers looking for information about SEO. Focus on one point, that is your talent! Rest assured that you will form a community of its own through the blog. There is a sentence that says “do what you like and the money will come”.

Try to do it, maybe luck is on your side. Despite already having one effort for blogging that suits your interest, do not ever throw away and look for another opportunity to shape a better blog by developing these interests. The interest may have several sub-talent that you can use as possible. But do not jump to leave the blog you’ve started, find out the weaknesses and strengths by comparing the new idea. Whatever you want to do, in fact many opportunities to achieve it. Many people are affected and complained about the difficulty of getting the idea.

Do not be burdened with this in mind, keep looking for loopholes and opportunities. If you are an expert in a field, they would have received with joy. How to be the best and not just complain about your work? Much work and little to complain! Increase continue skill, help other colleagues who need your support. Bloggers who are not satisfied with his work will differ with the blogger who appreciates and loves his work. And if you still continue to complain, try complaining to the good of everyone. Because inside there are big secrets in developing your talents.

Ways To Optimize Blog page appears more quickly:

Ways To Optimize Blog page appears more quickly:

1. Enable Compression with GZIP

Modern browsers typically support compression for HTML, CSS and Javascript. Compress the three files will certainly save time loading pages and automatically would be a reduction in download time. We strongly recommend using the Gzip compression. If readers use the Blogspot platform just ignore this because the default compression blogspot itself already supports these techniques. For others such as WordPress users plaform please use Gzip compression to optimize blog page.

2. Dispose of empty Spaces in the HTML

Discard the empty Spaces as well as in compression techniques, i.e by compressing HTML, XML or PHP by removing a space that feels useless. One of them included also in the Inline for Javascript and CSS code. By removing the empty space will certainly save a lot of bytes of data and receive the effects will accelerate the download process. To get rid of unnecessary Spaces I typically use tools like Notepad + + Editor. It’s easy, that is by blocking all the code you want spaces removed and then select the menu TextFX -> TextFX Edit and choose Delete or Delete Blank Lines Surplus Lines Blank.

3. Perform Compression CSS (Stylesheet)

Mechanical compression of CSS is actually quite simple, almost the same way with the above is by removing unnecessary white space. Compacting CSS coding can also be intensified when downloading, parsing and execution time on a page. For simplicity we do the compression on CSS.

4. Put the CSS (Stylesheet) on Top

Sometimes we do not put the CSS in the header, usually the way we use to create a single style for a particular style on the widget. The webmasters who are experts usually suggest we should call all the CSS code in the page HEAD CSS either Internal or External CSS it should be the one calling in the header.

5. Remove CSS (Stylesheet) unnecessary

When the browser accessing the page, usually have to go through the process of downloading and analyzing each line of code in CSS (stylesheets) in advance, imagine if a lot of useless CSS code that must be processed but not executed at all! This will be very annoying because it would almost the process should be faster rendering!

6. Validation Check CSS (Stylesheet)

Although common mistake in writing the CSS code, browser will not display any error messages on the screen, all executions will continue to run without any error report even though it was only wrong in one letter only. Let’s not ignore this error, please check validation to optimize blog page.

7. The combination of CSS (Stylesheet) in External file

Internal CSS deficiency is only one measure of the swelling capacity (size) on the size of the page. Experienced Webmasters are always suggesting we should do the dialing access code via external CSS, if possible even better do a combination of all the CSS code in just one file only.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Tips that can Improve blog page View

blog page View

Tips that can Improve blog page View

What is a pageview? Pageview is the average number of our blog pages were accessed by a visitor in a single visit.Pageview is very important, because you can measure how advantages or how interesting your article to your blog readers, if your pageview high despite the visitor are still minimal that means the articles that you write not enough to give the benefits and draw attention to the readers, or no body knows you are exist.

I will give you five simple tips that can improve blog page view:

1. Updating Articles Every Day.

Why should you update articles every day? What to do with page view? Update articles every day will certainly add a lot of articles that you write on the blog. If one day there was a visitor who visited your blog, when the visitor is reading an article you and he gets the benefit of your article, he’ll find articles – Other helpful articles on a blog that he reads on your blog. Every single visit will upgrade your stats.

2. Make Interesting Article Title

Do not let your blog readers miss an important article just because the title of article titles not interesting. Less likely to attract visitors who are curious to read the article.

3. Submit your article to Social Bookmarks

Surely you already know what social bookmarking could bring. Huge Social traffic.

4. Important Articles on Sidebar Plug

Take advantage of your sidebar to provide convenience to visitors to navigate the blog. Means, attach the articles you find useful or interesting in the sidebar. E.g most popular article from your blog or article that is important to read your visitors.

5. Put the Related Articles below Every your posts

Point in almost the same as installing important articles in the sidebar, but usually related article is a category with articles being read by visitors. When finished reading the article and then visitors to see related article just below the posting is not impossible that these visitors will continue to be interested in reading other articles.

Ways To Optimize Blog page appears more quickly with Javascript text compression:


Ways To Optimize Blog page appears more quickly with Javascript text compression:

Perform Javascript text compression

Javacsript compression technique is similar to CSS is that by removing unnecessary white space. Compacting javacript coding can also be intensified when downloading, parsing and execution time on a page.

Remove Unnecessary Javascript

Like it or not the use javacript (JS) is sometimes very necessary, although JS sometimes makes loading the page will be heavier. When a browser accesses a page, usually must go through the download process and analyze the code in JS first, imagine if a lot of JS calls in vain to be processed but not executed at all! Please go back and check the JS code which we think is useless, re-check and not to park too long, if not used anymore you’d better delete it!

The combination of Javascript in External file

Almost the same case with the above CSS External, Internal javascript deficiency is only one measure of the swelling capacity (size) on the size of the page. Experienced Webmasters are always suggesting we should make the call through an external access, if possible even better do a combination of all coding JS in just one file only. (For Blogger users if possible you should call through the internal files only, please read again hosting solutions internal javasript).

Perform Image Optimization

Dynamic websites without a decorating picture would not attract sufficient, but excessive use of images will be a problem when the browser to download the page. Should reduce the unnecessary images, especially on images that have a large enough size. If it is forced to use it, you should do optimization of the image by way of compression without compromising picture quality.

Do not Force Scale Images in HTML

Avoid using large images just because we can adjust the width and height in HMTL, We were able to rearrange the images at will through CSS or the html tags <img> as in the following <img width = “100″ height = “100″ src = “pic.jpg” /> even though the actual image size is 200x200px should not shrink by resetting the scale of the image, it would be better to create an image 100x100px according to the size of the actual image.

Avoid blank image SRC

Dialling SRC tag to the image there are usually two possibilities, either through HTML or via <img scr=”"> Javascript var img = new Image (); img.src = “”; even though the browser ignores this request if the image is empty, still it is through the rendering process which should not overload the server.

Re-Check Broken link

Link was dead would not like the reader, let alone readers… although search engines do not like this. Do check broken links as often as possible.

Remove unnecessary widgets or plugins

Please re-separated, we aggregated the widgets if nothing at all like installing clock and calendar. Ask yourself what’s the point put hours on the blog, if only as a timepiece.

SEO Effort to Optimize web Site

SEO Effort to Optimize web Site

SEO Effort to Optimize web Site

SEO or search engine optimization is an effort to optimize web site, either by optimization of internal and external, for your web site ranks on search engines. Or at least go the first page of search engines.


  • Flooding traffic. If your web site successfully perched in first place, or at least go the first page, your web site a great opportunity to get a flood of traffic.
  • Minimal cost. But it still needs work and time that pretty.
  • Easily monitored. Results and progress can be monitored through a variety of ways.
  • Software. There are many software support to maximize the SEO you are doing.
  • Quick famous.

The more often your web site ranks on search engines, more and more people are familiar with your website.

Disadvantages of SEO:

Wasteful of time.

If you do yourself, obviously takes time and extra energy. Because the SEO needs to be run and monitored every day.

Depending on the search engines.

SEO means relying heavily dependent development of the web site search engine. If your web site position subject to earthquakes aka unstable position on search engines, internet business income directly sag.

A lot of technical things. If you do SEO yourself, you need to learn a lot of technical stuff if you want to succeed.

Follow the progress.

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing. You have to follow its development as an effort to optimize web site. Including rules.

The competition is very high. Because all the web doing SEO, then the competition is high.

PPC Advertising for Publishers

PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising for Publishers

PPC or pay per click is a paid advertising model that cost calculations based on the number of ad clicks. Examples such as, adsense, and others. It is now available too PPC advertising for publishers. What PPC advantages?

Generate traffic quickly

Both, you as the owner or affiliate products, using PPC advertising is a quick way to bring in traffic. When you begin to plug the PPC ad, when it also flooded traffic to your blog.

Easy to set advertising budget

Advertisements can be arranged according to the available budget funds. My advice, start with the most minimal budget funds according to the rules of each service provider PPC. Minimal advertising budget funds intended to test the effectiveness of advertising.

Measurable results

The results that you can easily be measured by using PPC. You can measure from the available reports. Expenditure control. Funds you spend on advertising that could be controlled. To start advertising, as I said earlier, you should start from a minimum of advertising funds.

Easily monitored

You easily monitor your ads. Fast results. If you are using a PPC expert, can make money quickly.

PPC Disadvantages:

Necessary costs.

To pay for installation services you need to need money, especially if you advertise a new beginning, you need to do trials of advertising to get the most effective way of advertising.

Need test.

In order to test, for one type of product, so you can create a variety of advertising.

Need to prepare the landing page.

Making an effective landing page will determine the success rate of your advertising. Thus you need to create an effective landing page for promotion.

Competition remains. Because not only you who advertise, that means your advertisement also compete with other ads in getting the attention. Therefore you need to know how to create effective ads.

Many Tags in Blog Article, is it Good?

Many Tags in Blog Article, is it Good?

Many Tags in Blog Article, is it Good?

Tags in Blog Article / posts on the blog is actually very useful, especially for generating huge traffic. Tag itself different from the category, then what is the difference? The difference is more specific than the category tag. Still confused? okay I’ll make a more simple model, for example, we go into a store, then we want to buy soap for example, of course we will go to a place / rack containing soap. The  place / rack soap can be described as the category, whereas for the brand tagnya – soap brands found on the shelves. Is it clear?

Well now the problem is, many tags on the article good or not for the blog? I personally think good – good just depends on where we react to it. If in terms of SEO in my opinion, the better, because the more tag so the more indexes from google that we will have, for example, we have 10 articles and 80 tags, then you can get approximately 100 index page the search engine. With the increasing number of indices of the number of visitors from search engines will increase.

The bad news is many tags can cause duplicate content and duplicate title. Google are very anti with this, because this will result in our banned because blogs can be considered as spam, if it is banned, then our blog is over, because we will not get the index of google and this certainly affect to endless visitors from search engines. I myself really enjoy using lots of tags, as evidenced from my health blog, health blog can reach average traffic per day with several hundred articles and earn thousands from google index. And in my experience many tags just make stronger main article on SERP. Working with internet is playing the game, as long as the content we produce can be useful for many people, I guess Tags in Blog Article does not matte

How to Create a Free Blog

How to Create a Free Blog

The first thing to do before creating your first free blog is to think carefully about your page title. In this case, using the example in “Niche Research and Brainstorming Techniques”, we will want to include some of our keywords in the title to try and maximize our rankings in the search engines for that exact phrase if possible.

The best FREE blogging platform out there without a doubt is Google’s, since it’s run by Google you can be sure that they favor blogs created using Blogger, meaning you will actually rank much easier and faster with a Blogger blog as opposed to another free blogging platform.

Since you’ve already got your Google account, simply go to by clicking HERE. Simply sign in with your Google username and password. Once entered, you’ll see the screen below:Creating a Free Blog with

Your display name could be your first name, a pet name or simply use “Admin” as above. On top of each blog post you write, it will display “Posted by Admin on date/time.”

Tick the “Terms of Service” box and select “Continue”

Now you will see your Control Panel or “Dashboard”, click the “Create your Blog Now” button.Free Blog with Blogger Dashboard Area

Now you get to choose your blog and website address. With Blogger and any other free blogging platform, some part of your blogging URL will refer to the platform used. This means your blog URL will come up as

When choosing a blog title, ALWAYS use your keywords or phrase! In my example I will use “How to Lose Weight Fast” as my blog title.

Generally you’d want to make your URL the same as your blog title, if it is more than one word I suggest using a hyphen to separate your words to make it easier for your visitors to read.  Once you have your URL, click the “Check Availability” button to see whether it has been used already.

With “Weight Loss” being such a popular niche, my first choice for an URL has already been taken by another blogger, so “” showed as “Unavailable” and I had to pick something else…

Be Creative with your Free Blogger Blog

I have decided on the URL:

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! So maybe this is not the most attractive URL for visitors, BUT this is a very good URL, possibly even better than my original idea… “But why?”

Your URL is without a doubt THE MOST important part of your blog, because this is the first thing search engines like Google and Yahoo will see. By adding the word “loss” in my new URL I will automatically find it easier to rank for the following keywords:

How to lose weight fast, lose weight fast, lose weight, weight loss, weight-loss, fast weight loss, fast weight-loss, etc.

As opposed to just ranking for: How to lose weight fast, lose weight fast and lose weight.

Be creative and mix up your keywords a bit as seen on the previous page when selecting your blog URL, make very sure it is relevant to your specific niche market you plan on targeting. Once you’re happy with your choice, click “Continue”.

As seen above, in this final step of creating your free Blogger blog, simply choose one of the templates listed. If you’re not happy with your template you can always change it at any time. Once done, click “Continue” and voila!

SEO Basics (search engine optimization basics)

SEO Basics

SEO Basics (search engine optimization basics)

For anyone with an online business, or even if you just have a personal page you want people to see, the ULTIMATE goal is to get on page one of Google. This is the holy grail of the internet, as according to, Google is the number 1 most visited site online, which is actually quite obvious as most of us go there when looking for anything online.

The question is, how do we do that? How do we reach page one on google for our website niche? The answer is simple, SEO!!

Now, there is a LOT of rumours about how on-and-off page SEO actually works, as this is information that Google does not share with the public. Rumour has it that their employees working with the ranking of websites actually have to sign a legal document stating that this is very private information that cannot be shared with anyone, not even with family or friends. This makes our job a bit more difficult…

SEO Basics

There are a million sites out there that claim to know the secrets of SEO and how Google rank their pages, truth is, NOBODY knows for sure. So how can I write on the Basics of SEO if nobody really knows these secrets? Well, many online marketers have tried and tested various techniques and strategies to improve their rankings, and what better place to find out than from actual sites on page one, right at the top in the first slot! See below, using the search term “computer games” as an example:


If you are fairly new to this, the ads displayed in the pink/purple box are people that actually pay for those slots, the same as with the ads you normally see on the right-hand side (normally says “Ads” in the top corner). The ads in these boxes can be displayed on the first page by anyone, but it can be extremely pricey, especially the ones in the purple boxes! These are placed through Google Adwords, and you will pay a certain amount for every person that clicks on your ad.

So… What we want is this free, organic traffic as listed in the example above. This is done with SEO, and will give you the highest, most valuable traffic for your site. Plus it doesn’t cost a single cent, just hours of work to perfect your site… which is well worth the effort!

Now what is Google looking for exactly? How do these pages get on page one? There has been a lot of research done on this topic and these pages on page one to try and figure it out. Here are some of the main things every website or blog owner must look at:

Title Tags

This can also be viewed in the example, the headline saying “Computer Games – Play Here!” that will be listed by Google and other search engines. Apart from this, you will see it at the top of the page as seen below:

This is the most important part of SEO on that specific page, and should tell the visitor in short, exactly what can be found on the page when clicking on the link. It also tells Google spiders/robots what this specific page is all about. Make sure to use rich keywords that describes the content of the page.

Meta Tags and Descriptions

If you do not know what this is, it can also be seen in the example above. This is the description under the Title tag, in this case “Hundreds of computer games to download…”. The Title and Meta tags are said to be the first things a spider or robot reads when visiting your site, so use as many keywords as possible, but keep the description below 160 characters as it can affect you negatively from an SEO aspect if it is too long, or too short for that matter. If you do not have an on-page SEO tool, you can add these Meta Tags manually via your HTML editor by using the following codes within your Header tags:


<meta name=”keywords” content=”SEO Basics, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimization” />

<meta name=”description” content=”The most important things to consider for SEO for your Affliate Marketing Website or Blog” />


In the keywords section you can add as many as you can think of, seperating them with a comma. Longer keywords, or rather keyphrases work better as there is less competition for them and increases your chances to get high rankings for that specific phrase.

Note how in the description part I specify SEO and Affiliate Marketing which are the 2 keywords I want the spiders to see, but keep it so that people can also understand what the site is about when finding it on a search engine.

Content and Keywords

What is also extremely important is what you write on your webpage or blog, when it comes to Affiliate Marketing in particular, there is a saying that you should absolutely live by; “CONTENT IS KING!”

This is very important as search engine spiders/robots visit your page regularly to try and pick up texts that are relevant to your Title Tag, or words that are repeated. For example, in this specific post you are reading now the letters “SEO” are used a lot, therefore the chances that a search engine spider will pick up this specific word are very good. Before posting anything on your website or blog, write down some keywords or keyphrases that are relevant to your site, and use them as much as possible in your post. Do not overdo it though, but at least have a keyword density of 2-5%.

Pictures, photos and videos are always good for SEO, but search engine spiders cannot read these or see what is on the picture or video. Make sure to repeat anything you have written in the picture, or said in your video, in your post to ensure they pick up this important info.

Videos are also said to make a huge difference in SEO, so if you have a webcam or video camera, experiment a bit and see if you can make a good 3 minute or so video for your site.


These come in two parts. The first is to use links within your own webpage/blog that directs to other pages in your site, making it easier for these robots/spiders to spot your other pages. For example, if you move your mouse over this “Affiliate Marketing” it will show at the bottom left corner where it will direct you, this is very useful for creating a kind of web for the spiders, makes sense huh? These robots do not pick up all your pages with a single visit, it can take months in some cases, but doing this internal linking speeds up the process quite a bit.

The next part is what is called backlinking. This is where you get in contact with the people on page one or two in google relevant to your specific niche, and ask them to add a link to your page on their site. The more popular that site is, the better for yours. Just always be careful not to backlink to banned or untrusted sites as this can affect your SEO negatively!

Social Networking

Social Networks are HUGE in our days and age, and Facebook in particular has been rated the #2 most visited site on the web by, this alone should show you not only how important this can be for your business and traffic if you advertise properly, but gives you so many opportunities to post quality backlinks to your site. Creating your own Facebook group is always a good idea, as it is great advertising for your site.

For the SEO part hereof though, make sure you add a “Tweet This” or “Share on Facebook” option to your site posts, as this will give people the opportunity to share it on their private pages, giving you an added backlink and more unique visitors.

These are really just the basics, we will go a bit more into detailed SEO strategies in future posts, but this should help you get started on the right track if you are still new to this. Note that if you do not have a blog or webpage, you can get a free blog at which is simple to use and run by Google. This is a great place to start.