Thursday, November 18, 2021

The voice of viral marketing

viral marketing

The voice of viral marketing

Generating buzz through word of mouth will help drive higher sales and your most important customers.

Viral marketing strategies can effectively drive traffic to your website by creating interest-generating campaigns that excite and energize your customer base. However, to more effectively run a successful viral marketing project, it is important to develop a meaningful understanding of your target audience to leverage their social and psychological network.

By creating articles or newsletters, for example, that resonate with your audience, you will encourage loyal customers to share useful information or unique advice with their family and friends. In fact, viral marketing is one of the most powerful forms of product support, as it consists of unbiased recommendations from trusted sources.

Starting a viral marketing campaign starts with developing unique and engaging content for your most loyal customers. While items that pertain to the product or service you are selling will help drive visitors to your site, creating resources that strategically target your audience.

Once your marketing topic or ideas have been thoroughly cultivated, you can start building a viral marketing campaign around your most critical ideas. At the end of each article, add a link to your website and encourage your readers to send the information to their friends. Your article, if delivered properly, will start to make its way across the web from friend to friend and deliver a core business message that will bring dramatic business gains.

As consumers are inundated with spam and other "junk" messages sent by email, sites that can break up the clutter by creating innovative means of communicating with customers through newsletters are likely to generate significant traffic from mouth to mouth.

Not surprisingly, then, the most popular newsletters and magazines serve as the most effective platforms for viral marketing.

In fact, the success of a viral marketing campaign relies on more than just quality articles. Articles should stimulate the reader to act and send spontaneous information to someone else. Therefore, online articles should serve as more than just sales letters. They need to provide readers with something that is unique. Modern Internet readers do not appreciate being used as business pawns and will quickly get out of a time-wasting site. So by using newsletters to promote more than just their business, online entrepreneurs can develop a better viral campaign.

Various high-profile viral marketing programs can be used as a benchmark for ultimate marketing success. BMW, for example, generated an enormous amount of attention through a series of short movie clips that they posted online at BMW Films. More recently, Burger King developed a commercial featuring a game chicken that traveled the email circuit through word of mouth.

Marketing experts believe that viral marketing is actually the most powerful form of product care available to consumers. Unlike TV ads or other paid advertising, viral marketing cannot be bought. Instead, it relies solely on people's recommendations. However, while a successful viral marketing campaign can be difficult to build, the benefits generated by unbiased care will make your business strong and successful.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Captive marketing

Captive marketing

Captive marketing

Every now and then a lightbulb lights up in someone's head and a new marketing concept is born. One of the newer "opportunistic" marketing methods is marketing to yourself when you have no other choice.

The doors close and you have no way to escape this room for a minute or two. While you are locked in with these strangers, you are exposed to various commercials for different products that appear on a video screen right in front of you. The doors are finally opened and he is allowed out.

Sound like a nightmare (or a marketing executive's dream, maybe)? Well, actually it is reality; It is your experience if you use an elevator in any of the hundreds of buildings in the United States.

Captivate Network has installed more than 3,000 flat panel video monitors in elevators nationwide. Business professionals use these elevators every day and while they're in that big metal box with nothing to do, a video screen turns on and sales pitches fill the room. After all, what are they going to do? Climb 60 flights of stairs? Probably not.

However, this combination of "marketing through a necessity" is not limited to wealthy entrepreneurs inside office towers. The Comedy Central television network has placed more than 500 advertisements in bar bathrooms to promote one of its new programs. Talk about a captive audience! When nature calls, advertisers listen ...

Advertising above urinals may be rare, but the trend in advertising and transportation is becoming more apparent and technology is playing an increasingly important role. If you've ever been on the subway or seen a bus, you've undoubtedly seen a billboard as well. Cars are often covered in graphics for any given local business or even a simple bumper sticker with a website. And now, in more than 400 taxis in New York City, passengers are treated with a video monitor while the meter works and they are transported to their destination.

Does the concept of captive marketing frustrate you almost as much as plunging a small white golf ball into a small hole 400 meters away? So you should avoid the nearly 25,000 golf carts in the United States equipped with video monitors that promote all kinds of products to help increase your frustration and poke fun at your uselessness. IMPROVE your game.

So how do you escape all this hype if you just can't accept it? The next time you play golf, just take a walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or ride your bike instead of taking a taxi.

What if you are in a bar at 1:00 a.m. and do you have to go?

Well, they practically got you on that one!

Thursday, November 4, 2021

The art of your own brand

The art of your own brand

The art of your own brand

Today, branding isn't just for companies, Hollywood celebrities, or well-paid athletes. People in all walks of life are starting to use their personal brand to get ahead in the game of life.

The only factor that often explains the difference between a professional who is competent and performs well and one who makes a significant income and generates a lot of business is the private label.

Definition of own brand: own brand is a strong personal identity based on a clear perception of what it represents, what distinguishes it from others and the added value it brings to a job or situation.

Your own brand is the sum total of other people's feelings about your attributes and capabilities, how you perform, even their perceptions of your worth.

To mark or not to mark? Many people think that if they do a good job, their career will go well. But no matter how secure your position seems, you are competing with more people than you realize.

For some people, the brand may appear manipulative or fake. "I'd rather be myself," they say, "go with the flow and see where my career takes me." Or, the familiar line, "I'm not good at marketing myself."

If you don't brand yourself, others will. The fact is, you are empowering other people to mark you if you don't do it yourself.

Let me give you an example. A new client walked in who was furious at the way another executive introduced her at a conference. He called her the company's direct mail expert. That may have been the way she started at the company, but not exactly how she saw herself now.

Own brands are created, not born. Branding is primarily a process of analyzing a product in relation to a market and figuring out how to maximize the potential of the brand. Branding is creating an asset out of something. It is about satisfying a market need in a different way. And come up with an action plan, the marketing plan, to create awareness and test the brand.

Launching a person to become a successful personal brand is essentially the same process. It's a strategic conscious process, a branding process, a process that Hollywood celebrities and high-profile athletes have been using for some time.

The Own Brand Mindset: Private Label means seeing yourself as a marketer would look at a product that you want to turn into a winning brand. You don't consider yourself an employee even if you work for a boss. You think of yourself working for yourself marketing the brand, You.

The first thing a marketer does is analyze the market and the product to understand what the opportunities are, what the threats are. What are the current conditions? What are the assumptions about the future? What problems have to be solved? What needs are not being met?

Act as the marketer of the product - you. In personal branding, after analyzing the market, a self-audit is carried out. What are my strengths and weaknesses? How does my brand compare to the people I am competing with?

You focus on the key attributes and resources that set you apart. Skills, abilities and even personality traits that you have that are a solution to a market need.

Plan to dazzle - write a marketing plan. I often work with clients to develop a formal marketing plan that sets out a personal branding strategy and action plan. It is often in writing that new creative options come to light.

It's important to set personal branding goals with a specific time frame and action plan to achieve the goals. So just like a marketer would, write down the personal marketing activities to achieve your goals. And of course, execute the marketing plan. You can't get where you want to go unless you plan for it and then do it.

The last step is measurement. Evaluate your effectiveness. How is my "portfolio" different now from last year? What new projects did I take on? How did I expand my network? What new learning did I acquire? If something doesn't work, change trains.

Thinking and acting like a brand can create and sustain demand for your most important product - you.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Are Volunteer Email Lists Still Valuable In This Age Of SPAM?

Are Volunteer Email Lists Still Valuable In This Age Of SPAM?

Are Volunteer Email Lists Still Valuable In This Age Of SPAM?

One of the things blogging has done is cause a kind of exodus from newsletters or ezines to online publishers who simply post the information on their blogs.

It's not too hard to see why online publishers adopted blogging so quickly and enthusiastically. In reality, the SPAM monster seemed to be slowly squeezing the life out of your online business. To meet the challenge of SPAM, most ISPs have set up SPAM filters that are so powerful that they often filter requested mail, especially bulk subscription type mail. This has meant an increasing number of returns and undeliverable mail.

With the advent of blogging there was an easy way out of all this anxiety. Ezines could easily be blogged and no ISP SPAM filter would touch it. What's more, the email aspect of feedback was not lost because readers could easily post a comment on the blog. The big advantage over email here was that one could see other readers comment and quickly support or disagree with it. Blogs have revolutionized publishing in a way that no other tool has in human history.

So have blogging made email newsletters and subscription email lists obsolete? The answer is a firm "NO". Nothing would be further from the truth. Even when an online publisher offers his weekly or daily content on a blog, what is the best way to maintain and increase traffic to the blog?

In reality, even with a website, there is no other more efficient way to maintain high traffic than by collecting email addresses. This is done by offering an email newsletter or some kind of email course. This creates a valuable optional email list that you can use over and over again to drive traffic to your site. You can even sell them something. As internet marketers often point out, the money is in the list.

This is why the experts advise affiliates to create their own sites or blogs to play a key role in their efforts to market their affiliate site. This is simply because it is a huge waste to drive so much traffic to your affiliate site and end up having only a small fraction signing up for your affiliate program. By driving traffic through your own site, you have the opportunity to collect emails and build a huge and valuable targeted opt-in email list that the same affiliate program can still market to later on. In fact, research has clearly shown that most people buy only after several repeated encounters with the same product or service.

Even with the introduction of the extremely useful blogging tool and changing business models by many online publishers, elective email lists remain the most valuable online marketing tool.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Brand concepts

Brand concepts

Brand concepts

Branding is the process by which a business employs marketing strategies to make it easy for people to remember your business and products over others ... essentially, it's applied psychology.

As a kid, I met a relatively new burger chain that had started in Australia. Not much has changed in these years regarding this particular company and I suppose that is one of the reasons I remain a customer. I know every time I walk into that establishment what I'm going to eat, where everything is, and God help you if you ever take the item off the menu! Even if they radically changed the decor, I'd be nervous.

One of the main supermarkets in our country has the habit of moving products from time to time in its stores. Customers who generally search for particular products are exposed to other items while searching for their favorites. It is a very annoying tactic and it only works in this situation because the supermarket is very competitive in prices and variety of products. People are not that patient on websites and continually moving items on your site will cause you to lose traffic ... nothing is safer.

Having worked in the management of another major fast food chain, I learned that once a company has established a presence and has been successful, any changes to the operation must be carried out with the utmost care. Our clients were very much in tune with the company, they were essentially part of it. Their perceptions and opinions had to be taken into account every step of the way, and not just when it came to products.


We have succumbed to the experience of the brand ... it makes us feel "safe"

Branding is not just about logos, it is all the "feeling" associated with a company. In these days of cutting edge technology and rapid change, people still enjoy going to places that follow a pattern of operation. This applies a lot to our websites. Your logo should appear on every page, your domain name, and a one-line blurb contained in every email, your theme should be consistent across your site. Of course, quality content is king, but it's important for visitors to remember where the content is coming from. Branding establishes your site's retrieval capabilities.

Recently, I decided that I was going to change the color schemes on my site because of the research I had done on the psychology of color. Many articles I had studied suggested that black was not really appropriate for a web design site. After discussing the plans with some regular visitors, I was surprised by the response. The answer was for me not to change the color in any way. Even those people who didn't feel that black was appropriate considering the nature of the site didn't want me to change it. They were "used" to it. It was a constant on the site, as was the location of the logo and the general navigation structure. Then everything stays. My plans were to make the site look more in tune with other very successful web presences that focus on web design. What was I thinking!?!?!?

Branding is not just about constants, but about individuality ..........

If someone told you that they were going to establish a burger franchise and the color scheme of the logo would be red and yellow, you would probably think they were crazy. Red tends to mean danger and yellow is supposed to be the most annoying color of all. But try to tell McDonalds that ...

But having said that, if you are only in the planning stages of your site, I suggest that you be careful when choosing navigation, logos, and color schemes. If your site is established with a good traffic flow and you are considering renovating it, it is of the utmost importance that you consult your visitors first through some kind of survey before any radical changes are made. Otherwise, the many hours of hard work you put into the update, as well as the hours invested in developing the original theme, may be lost.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

List Building is very Important for Internet Marketers

List Building

List Building is very Important for Internet Marketers

The golden rule of internet marketing is to create a large list of optional subscribers. The money is in the list. You keep hearing it because it's absolutely true. The larger your opt-in list, the more money you will make; it's a proven fact that you shouldn't ignore if you expect to be successful. There are numerous benefits to obtaining optional subscribers.

When a person makes a purchase, this is the time to start earning optional subscribers. You want to collect that email address. Otherwise, they will make their purchase and continue to be happy with their lives, and they will probably forget about you. You don't want that to happen. You want the ability to sell future products or updates to them in the future, but without that email address and without their permission to email them, you've lost contact with that customer forever, unless you're lucky enough for them. to remind you, or to find you again.

If you ask any successful internet marketer what their most valuable business asset is, they will definitely tell you that it is their subscription list. If your house was burning and they could only save one item, it would be their list, the backup disk that contains the list, or the computer that has the list ... but it would be the subscription list that they would save! Many internet marketers even lock their subscription list backup disk in a fireproof safe. Some have the disc in a safe deposit box at the bank! If the list wasn't that valuable, why would they go to so much trouble to protect it?

The bigger your list, the more powerful you will become in the internet marketing community. That's right, there is actually a pecking order, and whoever has the largest list wins. That list will give you opportunities you wouldn't have without it. Other marketers will approach you daily for joint ventures. Usually those joint ventures will have to do with your list, as well as your big list. When you have a large list of options, you make more money with less effort. You won't have to search for deals or ways to earn money. Opportunities will line your doorstep.

Getting optional email subscribers is the key to making sales. It is the golden key to getting visitors to the website. It's how you quickly communicate with a very large group of people who are interested in what you have to say. As you build credibility with your subscribers, every time you make a product recommendation, they will go to verify it; a large number of them will make a purchase.

You've probably heard of the claims of people who work an hour a day and earn tons of cash. Unfortunately, the business opportunities that this offers you are often scams. But what if that was really possible? Wouldn't you take advantage of it? Wouldn't you love to work an hour a day and earn all the money you need and something else? Of course you would.

Well, when you've put in the time and work it takes to get optional email subscribers, and you've built a huge list, it's entirely possible, and there are internet marketers who actually do it. They get up, write an email for your list, usually by giving great content or recommending a product or something of this nature (something that will make them money), then they send the email to your list. They are ready for the day. They walk away from your computer knowing that they will make money simply because they sent that email to your list. Isn't that reason enough to start getting optional subscribers for your own list?

Friday, October 15, 2021

How Some Interactive Websites Keep Visitors Longer

How Some Interactive Websites Keep Visitors Longer

How Some Interactive Websites Keep Visitors Longer

There are three factors that a webmaster is concerned about when it comes to increasing traffic to their website.

· Get   new visitors.

· Get   regular visitors.

· Increase the measure of time a guest spends on your site.

Interactive sites encourage all of the above desired behaviors in a number of different ways. When a visitor logs into the interactive site, the various options available attract and attract them to the site. Rather than sit back and passively read the information, the visitor is encouraged to interact and be a part of the entire information gathering process.

A new visitor is drawn to interactive websites due to the large number of offers on display. The visitor feels important and welcome because interactive sites generally personalize the website to suit the tastes of the visitors. By using cookies, some interactive websites even welcome the user with her name. Therefore, traffic to interactive sites can be significantly increased using online tools.

Once the visitor has entered the interactive site and has provided basic information such as their email, name, address and perhaps her age, it is not difficult to attract them back to the site. Interactive tools like Ezines can be sent to visitors' inboxes to encourage them to return to the website. Some revenue-generating sites will even offer discounts on products and services to attract the return visitor.

Interactive tools, by their very nature, require the visitor to spend more time on the website. Once a visitor starts playing, reads an article and responds to it, shares her views on discussion boards, and plays online, they are hooked. Interactive tools create a fun browsing experience that visitors are reluctant to finish.

Therefore, interactive sites encourage higher traffic because they create an active and involved environment where the user can search for the knowledge they want. This is a novel change from the offline world, where a user is a passive recipient of knowledge.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Branding: you are the brand

Branding: you are the brand

 Branding: you are the brand

What's in a brand? Everything! Think of these brands: Coca-Cola, Barbie, Hershey, McDonalds, Madonna, Pepsi, Bono, Microsoft, Kleenex, Xerox, Steven Spielberg, Dell, and GM. Did you notice that brands can be things, replicas of real people and people? Brands are the public perception of a thing or a person. Companies work very hard to establish their brand, sometimes failing when they try to link a secondary product to the popular brand. Does anyone remember the A1 chicken sauce?

The people and companies behind the above brands are well known. They are established. They have earned the right to place themselves where they are in the public eye. Are you or your product clearly associated with the solution you are looking to provide? And your product? And your name? How is it positioned in the market? As an entrepreneur, a small business owner, you must be very attentive to every detail and opportunity to brand yourself. You need to be the expert. Your product must solve the problem and the world needs to know. Therefore, branding may be the most important marketing challenge you face as your business plan unfolds.

It's about public perception. Is it real Coca-Cola? Does Hershey make the best chocolate? Does McDonald's offer the most nutritious and best tasting hamburger? Does GM make the best cars? We have been trained by marketers to make the above partnerships. We have been conditioned over time to accept advertising as real, believe it or not. In fact, these markers have been very clever. You cannot afford to be less convincing in your efforts.

As the CEO of your own organization, you most likely don't have the extensive resources of a major company or big-name star. You are probably the marketing department, the advertising department, the sales team, the accountant, etc. As such, you must remain very conscious of your image, the perception of each and every customer, and to a large extent, the market as a whole. Your market position, often dictated by the perceived quality of your products, your celebrity, your reputation for service, your leadership in your field, and your consistency will certainly have a lot to do with your brand's effectiveness. You are the brand.

As a brand, you must take the position that you will always be under scrutiny, under the microscope. Take the lead. He may not be the biggest guy in his field, but through leadership you can establish a market presence that will help you position yourself alongside the major players in your market. Take the lead on local issues or take a position on a national issue that relates to your product, service, and market. Through the partnership, you will be perceived as a market leader, regardless of your size. Try to solve a small problem and associate it with a larger one and you will achieve a level of notoriety, one that you can leverage to increase your brand awareness.

Your company must be credible. That is, your products and services must do what you say they will. It must also be personally credible. If you cannot be legitimately associated with your product or service offering, it will be difficult for the public to be receptive to such a contradiction. Honesty and integrity will be valuable assets to you as your market learns about you.

You must be consistent. You must find your niche, adopt your position, establish some position and build on it. If it changes every week or every time a new wind blows, people will not take it seriously. They will begin to doubt your leadership and find it difficult to perceive you as a credible source of their goods and services. You will lose any market positions you have gained and any leadership positions you have attained by tottering between various directions. The audience sees consistency as strength and strength as character. When you are a small business struggling to grow, your perception of the market is a critical factor.

Sure, your marketing plan should include these concerns, as well as the incredible importance of knowing your market image. Since you are the brand, few components within your business plan should receive more attention than developing public perception of you, your evolving market position, and developing your brand image.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The art of employee motivation

employee motivation

The art of employee motivation

If you think that your employees' underperforming in your designated jobs is costing you a great deal of lost profit, then instead of just doing a total overhaul of your employee roster, why not try implementing some self-motivation tactics. employees to actually do it? come and save your business from impending bankruptcy. It really is quite easy and simple to spark employee motivation, you just have to take these techniques seriously:

People today are concerned about how little importance is being given to health plans. Is your company one of those companies that does not provide its employees with the health benefits to which they should also be entitled? This is one possible reason why your employee morale is low. You must reassess the situation and try to provide them with the health benefits that will ensure that they will be protected by the company they have been loyal to even in their moments of illness. Always remember that a happy worker is a satisfied worker, so be sure to use this employee motivation tool to give your employees the much-needed boost.

Remember, companies often work with some women who, in most cases, will become mothers. Therefore, it is very important that you know their needs, especially during the time when they want to take advantage of their maternity leave. It is important that your company, no matter what type of product or service you offer, is always sensitive to the needs of your employees, regardless of gender.

When it comes to having a good health plan for your employees, you have to make sure that your health plan is really good or else it won't do your employees any good.

moral. Make sure the health plan can cover all of your basic needs and it really wouldn't hurt to add a few extra kicks.

The basic health care plans that you can use to motivate employees actually cover the following: full coverage for any basic illness or injury, coverage for hospital payments in case the employee needs to be checked into the hospital or if surgeries are needed minors. to finish.

Additional benefits to further boost employee motivation through a health care plan are having their dental health covered as well as their optical needs, subsidies for eyeglasses, as well as free dental checkups and cleaning will be a good thing. gift for your employees and they will surely be a great additional motivational move for employees.

In addition to having a good health care plan for your employees' motivational tactics, you also need to be able to provide them with some other additional care, such as an insurance plan, that they can rely on in case something bad happens to them and they are still in. service. to your company. Even if the employee's family will not take advantage of this employee motivational move during their time of service, your employee can still choose to continue paying insurance plan premiums even after they have retired from your company. Unfortunately for your employees, once they quit

from a job at your company, said insurance plan will be revoked as the company will no longer be able to pay your insurance premiums.

Another great employee motivation move for your company's loyal employees is to have a car loan ready for them, employees who have already served a considerable number of years with the company should be entitled to a car plan in which Deductions from your pay will be used to pay for the vehicle of your choice. This is a great employee motivation move, as those who can't afford a car (new car!) Would actually want to continue to stay with their company because of this added employee motivation benefit.

From time to time, especially during special occasions, you should be able to give your employees an extra morale boost by hosting events or parties that foster camaraderie among your employees. Certainly having a good time wouldn't hurt anyone and all of this will be in the spirit of good company fun. Events geared toward employee motivation, such as Christmas parties and company picnics, are certainly a welcome gift for seemingly tired and overworked employees.

You should also remember to give your employees some time to relax, such as giving your regular employees the benefit of having a leave of absence.paid vacation of two weeks. That is the least you can do for your employees whom you have held captive for most of the year in your office.

These are really simple and easy employee motivation tactics that you can apply to boost your employee morale and help ensure your business is well maintained.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Are your affiliate programs consuming your money and time?

Are your affiliate programs consuming your money and time

Are your affiliate programs consuming your money and time?

So many times I have heard this. So many examples that I remember. People have left the internet business after being disappointed with its so-called affiliate programs.

An affiliate program is a great way to earn money, especially in the beginning. I said start because at that moment you don't understand the market and you are too naive to get your own product out the right way.

Affiliate programs fill that gap very well. You have a ready-to-use product and a ready-to-use website (although you can develop your own and you should). There is only one aspect left to earn that money.

Making sales.

But you must choose your affiliate program carefully.

An affiliate program should be free to join. You need to be careful about programs that will charge you upfront in order to become your affiliates. Sometimes you buy a product and get affiliate status as a bonus. That is acceptable. But a good affiliate program shouldn't charge you a monthly or yearly membership fee, whatever the case may be.

There are some programs that charge you a monthly fee to become a member and you are expected to recruit more for a commission. 

Be careful joining these programs. They don't offer a good product to sell. The only thing you have to sell is the membership. These programs can eat up a large chunk of your money before you realize it's useless.

This type of sale is not only difficult to achieve, it is also associated with high wear and tear. That means the member churn rate is very high.

You should also get a good commission. Check the percentage offered. Good programs offer commissions of 50 to 60%. Although high-priced products seem quite lucrative due to the apparent volume of money in commission, selling a high-priced product may not be an easy task. It is because the market for them may not be that big. Therefore, you must select your product carefully.

A very important factor that is often ignored is your aptitude for the particular product. Select a product with which you can associate your interests. For example, if you are into gardening, then it will be easier to sell a product that meets your gardening needs than it is to sell a real estate product.

Because in sales, above all, you must be convinced of the usability and benefits of the product before trying to sell it. If the product is in your area of   interest, you can easily identify the beneficial aspects. Then it will be easier for you to convince your potential customers.

Study the market and the demand for that product.

If demand is high, sales are easier. To study the demand, go to Overture or Google and search for the search carried out around the keywords of your product. It will give you a clear idea about the demand.

Plan your market strategies in advance.

It is better if you create your own website instead of promoting the original page copy linked with your link. Having your own website gives you a unique identification and a professional look. The other advantage is that you can promote multiple products on the same page instead of promoting different pages separately.

Web hosting is quite cheap nowadays and the website can easily be built on the home page.

Try to do your best to promote what you have. Affiliate programs are a great way to learn the tactics of the market. Learn and test them in the best possible way.

Stick with the product you have chosen instead of jumping into the new offering for some other product. New products are released every day, but just because they're new doesn't mean they're better and easier to sell.

Check regularly. Test regularly and keep working.

Your commission chart would definitely go up.