9 Ways You Can Make Money Online From My Experience

9 Ways You Can Make Money Online From My Experience

9 Ways You Can Make Money Online From My Experience

Are you making money with your website? If so, you do not need to bother reading this article because it is not for you. If you are like most of us, your website sales are slow and unpredictable and you need to think about new ways to earn money online without taking more time and effort. All your time must be dedicated to producing your product, right? Well, here are some ways to earn a little or a lot of money online without any effort.

1. Affiliates

Sign up to become an affiliate of other companies that are in the network. I only enroll in companies that I would honestly recommend to anyone. Once one of my references makes a purchase, I receive a small payment. With some of the affiliate programs, the rate is quite large.

2. Google Ads

I wasn't sure about this, but I signed up and now I'm convinced. The first week I had Google ads on my website I earned $ .18 and the following week I earned $ 6.45! Woohoo! Big boost If I keep it up, maybe I can pay my web host for the end of the month!

3. Google Search

It works almost the same way as the ads. People use your search tool..

4. Amazon

Another great tool that will drip in a few dollars here and there, all for 10 minutes of your time by putting a small code on your website and Amazon does the rest.

5. Sale of advertising space.

6. Sale of subscriptions to your newsletter

7. Sale of advertising space in your newsletter

Sell   advertising space in your newsletter. The same exercise as with the advertising space on your website. Simply place a box in your newsletter with a note inside that says "Your banner could go here." Then, have a page that indicates how many subscribers you have, how often your newsletter comes out and what type of content usually contains the price per ad.

8. Sale of electronic books

Do you know anything about your trade or hobby that you know people would pay to learn as well? Then sell it in an ebook. What a great way to earn some extra money. Take the time to write a good quality ebook and then simply complete the orders. You can even configure it so that once the e-book order has been processed and paid, it is automatically sent using an answering machine without even having to move a finger.

9. Consulting: offer your services

Do you sell wedding items and know all the best suppliers? Do some research and offer your services as a wedding coordinator. Offer your help to people who want to plan their own wedding, but who need some help.

Remember, you will not get rich with just one of these programs, but you can make a small sum each month with a combination of all of them.