Are you being bombarded by Google lately?

Are you being bombarded by Google lately?


Are you being bombarded by Google lately?

Since Google's last update, there have been many instances and examples of the Google Nuke Bot! That's what I call it anyway. Have you visited a favorite website lately only to find that Google has removed it?

Increasingly, we see SEO/Internet marketing companies being destroyed by Google, completely removing them from their databanks. I am not going to mention any names because I am sure that the owners of the once populated websites already know and are embarrassed by this development.

Ever since word got out that WebPositionGold was banned by Google for automated queries sent to Google, we are noticing that other related websites are also going down.

The thing is, we already know about Webpositiongold, what about other sites that are getting hit hard? Has your site been bombed?

It seems that some sites that had thousands of links pointing from Google are being the most affected. It seems that Google is cracking down on "spam tactics", "submission tactics" and anything related to unethical SEO practices.

Is Google making an effort to uphold its webmaster guidelines?

Will it get to a point where if we don't follow Google's guidelines, we won't be able to be successful online? This thought is ridiculous but almost scary to think that it could happen! What about websites that still hide text with the same background colors? Hidden div layers? and mirror pages? Why hasn't Google attacked those problems first?

It can almost be assumed that if Google kills websites that send automated link popularity and ranking queries to its database, this may be a major effort to relieve the strain on the query servers to free up some memory.

How does having your website destroyed by Google affect your credibility?

Ultimately, an event like this could ruin your online reputation. People who have come to trust your knowledge and judgment about Google rankings may never see your business the same way again. People may think to themselves "I don't want to be bombed like they are!"

How can you know that you have been bombed?

* Your Google Page Rank is now 0-2/10 and should be at least 5/10

* You no longer have backlink listings on Google

* You do not have internal website listings within Google when doing (site:

* The Google cache of your website is no longer found

For newer websites, don't get confused between this bombardment process and your own online evolution. Obtaining and maintaining a high level of public relations requires a lot of work.

Once bombed, is Google still back?

Question I have for websites that have been bombed: Can you still see Google in your site stats log files? If so, I wonder if Google is still watching you and watching your every move.

In conclusion:

Stay away from programs that generate automatic Google queries. Don't check your link popularity 3 times a week and especially don't check your search engine ranking twice a day. Simply promote your website and measure your success through internal website statistics and monthly earnings. Google doesn't appreciate websites that constantly use their power to measure your success, just remove that from your daily actions.

Cheers to your online success!