DIY Search Engine Optimization: How To Generate High Page Rank Free Links Quickly And Easily

DIY Search Engine Optimization: How To Generate High Page Rank Free Links Quickly And Easily

DIY Search Engine Optimization: How To Generate High Page Rank Free Links Quickly And Easily

Here's a quick and easy search engine optimization (SEO) technique that anyone can use to generate free, high page rank Google links to your site.

The problem is that if you submit your site to a high page rank directory or search engine, it can take months for your site to show up. Also, many public relations directories and search engines charge a lot of money for the privilege of appearing in them. For example, the Open Directory Project (DMOZ) directory takes several months or more to list a site. And Yahoo charges $299 per year for a commercial site to be listed in its directory.

While it's great to be listed in these directories and search engines, many will automatically find and list your site for free if you have good quality links to your site. High page rank links to your site indicate to many search engines that other highly rated sites are linking to you. Therefore, they conclude, your site will probably be useful to your users. So you deserve a higher pagerank, according to Google. And the higher your pagerank, the better your visibility in search engines. It's part of the SEO game and you can learn to play it.

Now here's my secret to getting some high pagerank sites to link to you immediately and for free.

First you need to create a web page on your site with a list of links. You will add links to other sites on your links page in exchange for these sites adding your link to their links pages. So let's call this page a reciprocal link page. However, you don't just add any site to your reciprocal link page. You will be looking for high pagerank links to add to your links page. It is best if you include links to sites related to your products or services. To make search engines happy, limit each of your reciprocal link pages to about 50 links.

Many sites maintain their reciprocal link pages using PHPJunkYard's free LinkMan script. If you wish, you can do the same, but it is not necessary. 

The LinkMan script allows visitors to a site to add their links immediately after adding links to the site on their pages. So all you have to do is find sites that use this LinkMan script, add your link to their reciprocal link page, and you can immediately add your link to theirs.

Because the LinkMan script is free, the developer requires the following notice on the links page: "Developed by PHPJunkYard LinkMan 1.02 link manager - free php scripts."

You can find sites that use LinkMan and then search for the exact phrase "Powered by PHPJunkYard LinkMan Link Manager 1.02" on Google, for example. Note that there are other scripts called Linkman, so don't just search for "LinkMan". Play around with your search phrase to also find sites that use older versions of LinkMan.

Visit some PHPJunkYard LinkMan link pages with a browser that displays Google PageRank. Very soon you will come across a site using LinkMan that has a high Google page rank. Bingo! Add your link to your reciprocal link page and then add your link to theirs. You immediately have a free link on a high pagerank site. Free Instant SEO!

And that's a quick and easy search engine optimization technique you can use to generate high page rank free links.