The 4cs of the brand

The 4cs of the brand

The 4cs of the brand

The brand could be defined as a guiding philosophy to build businesses. The benefits of building a strong brand are tremendous. With a strong brand, you have instant name recognition, can charge higher rates, can choose who you work with, and can handle economic changes and challenges more easily. In addition, a strong brand demonstrates the four C's of branding: clarity, competence, communication, and consistency.

Does your brand pass the 'Four Cs Test'?

C1: Clarity

Strong brands are clear about who they are and what they do. They have named and claimed their domain, often in the form of a mission statement that is shared with employees, customers, and the community. For Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates envisioned a computer on every desk in the world.

My mission statement is clear and concise.

1____(no) 5_____ (maybe) 10_____ (yes)

C2: Competition

Strong brands have adequate skills, qualifications and experience related to their field. They prove their worth by under-promising and over-delivering. These are the people and companies you call when you need the job done right the first time. Fed Ex is known for getting your package there "no matter what."

I have full confidence in my ability and products/or services.

1____(no) 5_____ (maybe) 10_____ (yes)

C3: Communication

Strong brands have a variety of ways to get their message across to their target audience. Nowadays, companies have to use traditional and non-traditional ways to communicate with their customers. With my own coaching business, I give in-person seminars, write books, workbooks, articles, an ezine, advertise in magazines, radio/TV stations, maintain two websites, and use other internet sites and services to communicate locally and globally.

My communication system is wide and varied.

1____(no) 5_____ (maybe) 10_____ (yes)

C4: Constancy

Strong brands are highly visible to their target audience. They are constantly there for their customers, prospects, and networking contacts. Oprah's empire is a great example. She is everywhere! From her weekly TV show to O magazine, numerous media appearances and volunteer activities, Oprah is constantly in the public eye.

My visibility is high and consistent.

1____(no) 5_____ (maybe) 10_____ (yes)

In an issue of Fast Company magazine, it said, "We are CEOs of our own company, Me, Inc. To be in business today, your most important job is to build a market for the brand called You. The good news is that everyone has a change to stand out. Everyone has a chance to be a noteworthy brand." When building and promoting your business, you need to keep the four C's in mind, because no brand can become the best brand without passing the 'Four C's Test'.

How do you rate your brand?

0-15: You need to work on your brand strategy

15-30: You have made some progress with your brand strategy

30-40: You have a strong brand strategy