What you can publish by RSS

What you can publish by RSS

What you can publish by RSS

Contrary to popular opinion, RSS is not only good for delivering your blog content, but it has much more marketing and publishing potential.

In fact, RSS can be used to offer a wide variety of content and content types. If you can divide your content into individual stories or individual pieces, you can deliver it through RSS.

Just to give you an idea of   the power of RSS, here are some examples of content that you can publish with it ...

-> MarketingVOX is using RSS to deliver Internet marketing news to its readers as they become available. Instead of having to wait to receive all the news in a single email newsletter, RSS users receive them as soon as they are ready.

-> Amazon.com is using RSS to announce its bestsellers and help its users keep track of the releases that interest them most.

-> Some affiliate managers already communicate with their affiliates via RSS. Of course, you can also use it to communicate with any other target audience, such as your employees or team members, and even the owners of your company.

-> other companies are using RSS to deliver product updates and patches directly to their customers, just when they are available.

-> A few hundred content editors are using RSS to deliver audio content, such as .mp3 interviews and even "radio" programs.

-> Textamerica.com allows people to post photos, videos and texts from their mobile phones and then make this content available through RSS feeds.

-> Other companies are using RSS to deliver technical documents and other educational content, including PowerPoint presentations.

-> Many Internet publishers are using RSS to deliver their newsletters, as a complement to their e-mail delivery. Since many people no longer want to give their email address to publishers, this is an excellent way to keep the growth of their electronic magazine readers.

-> Publish live digital catalogs of your products and provide your customers with the latest product launches, broken down by the categories that interest them, and facilitate your order.

-> Provide your affiliates and marketing partners with RSS feeds that can promote your visitors to better promote your products and still make a commission. Amazon.com is already doing it. When are you starting

-> Create RSS autoresponders with scheduled messages, to maintain a constant "marketing" contact with your prospects and slowly take them to the point of purchase.

-> Provide limited access content to your customers, employees, team members and even investors, without fear of other unwanted eyes

-> Provide your customers with easy access to software updates, delivered exactly when they are available, without the hassle of having to visit your website or deal with huge email attachments, which would still be blocked by filters of spam

-> News reporters are constantly bombarded with email, so why not deliver your press releases by RSS? Or better yet, why not deliver some of your releases such as video comments, interviews or statements from managers or owners of your company?

-> Help your visitors keep up with what happens on your web forum, posting your latest forum posts or full topics through RSS.

Hopefully these ideas are enough to start using RSS in your own business.