Why Google blog search is important for your business

Why Google blog search is important for your business

Why Google blog search is important for your business

According to Google, Google Blog Search is "Google's search technology focused on blogs." It includes search engine specific results for blogs not only in the Blogger.com community, but throughout the blogosphere in general. You can access it at http://www.blogsearch.google.com/

What is the big problem

It is likely that many people have heard about this additional search version that Google has added and they greet it with a big yawn, particularly because it is still in Beta. So what's the big deal, anyway?

The big problem is that the world's leading search engine, which was already paying special attention to blogs in regular search results, seems to make a subtle statement with the introduction of specific blog searches.

Blogs are important enough to guarantee your own special level of search, and not only as an advanced search option, but also in your own search engine.

If search engines are paying close attention to blogs so closely, you should also do so, if you want better search engine results.

Current blog fans will be able to search for the most recent results so they can see what is being discussed at the moment: information that is often as recent as the news and is based on sources that the media in general do not have easy either access or interest in

So, for those with darker interests or hobbies, a blog search powered by a superior search engine gives them immediate access to fresh information on any topic on which someone can blog.

And if there is still no blog about these narrow topics? You may be the one who starts the discussion.

Why is it important for your business?

Speaking of the media, it is likely to become one of the many tools a journalist would use to investigate a story, or to obtain more information about a company, directly from people who use their products or services. .

Technorati, today, could be said to be a better tool, but not as well known as the Google brand. If you are a powerful seeker, you know what Technorati is. But the key to understanding is that most consumers, even B2B consumers, are not so involved in the Internet.

But even those people know what Google is.

There is an even more obvious advantage in this specialized search.

Google blog search has the unprecedented potential of taking the main surfer to blogs, even more than what Yahoo RSS Headlines were pioneers in the beginning of RSS incorporation about a year ago. Why?

While many of their clients will instantly fall in love with RSS, it is more fair for them to present their possibilities in a format that is easier for them to digest. It is not so difficult to explain a blog, and if you cannot, you can simply tell them that it is a part of your current site that is updated more frequently.

When Google Blog Search is more forward in the coming months, if your site is positioned to be visible when a majority of the Internet population is happy with blogs, then the traffic potential for your site can be huge.

At that time, the margin between Yahoo and Google was wider than it is today, so the potential increase of being on Google stuns the mind.

How to be listed

According to the Blog Search help page:

"If your blog posts a site feed in any format and automatically displays an update service (such as Weblogs.com), we should be able to find and list it. In addition, we will soon provide you with a form that you can use to add your blog to our index, in case we haven't picked it up automatically. Stay tuned for more information about it. "

This means that if you're already blogging, and pinging responsibly, you're probably already on the list.

If you haven't been blogging, you're in luck. This special Google search brand is still in Beta, so if you move now, you still have enough time to start getting in position. And since the search currently seems to focus on freshness and relevance, if you keep the blog once you start and keep your topic limited, you could still master your niche.

Do it today

The mantra to blog before was that, blogging properly is a sure way to increase traffic, as well as building stronger links with your end users or customers, not to mention that it is the simplest of the many RSS implementations.

Now, with the three main search engines paying more attention to both RSS and Blogging, it can be scratched more frequently, get more indexing of your pages in greater depth and be included in more searches.

You have absolutely no time to waste: if you are not blogging yet, you should start quickly. Many webmasters doubt because they haven't been able to find a blog system that fits their site well, or they don't find the most popular tools too sophisticated for their needs.

Whatever you choose, the important thing is to start blogging today. The targeted traffic of the most dominant search engine, the most sophisticated browsers of today and, before you imagine, the conventional web will be lost.