The 6 main reasons to have an RSS feed: Come and explore the possibilities!

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The 6 main reasons to have an RSS feed: Come and explore the possibilities!

Getting traffic to your website can be difficult. Nobody randomly enters "" and with this market that slowly fills up, it is difficult to get a good rank on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and all other major search engines. Although paying for advertising is effective and gets specific results, RSS feeds are the way to go to get free, cheap and somewhat easy advertising.

First, if you don't want to write articles yourself, there's no problem. The web is a great resource for finding articles written by respected authors who are willing to give you their article for free (provided you include your signature at the bottom of the article). It is very easy to take these articles, publish them on your website and then make an RSS feed of them. But enough of rambling, the six main reasons to have an RSS feed on your site:

6. Reputation: A good RSS feed will increase your reputation as an honest business and willing to help, not just a business that wants to take your money and nothing else. A feed with quality articles shows that you want to help the reader learn more about a topic instead of simply giving the reader a sales pitch. We expect your business prospects to be well informed in the area in which you are focused and to show how your product / service is superior in its design.

5. Advertising: An RSS feed can be used to advertise your website without any money. If you submit it to RSS directories, your website name will appear at the top of your feed every time! Not only does it appear, but it also works as a link (but we'll see it later).

4. Increase in traffic: the design of your RSS feed to include only part of your article forces the reader to click on a link to your site. One could only assume that if they enjoyed the article they wrote or published, then they would enjoy browsing the site where it came from.

3. Links to your site: not many people think of RSS feeds as a potential SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but they include dozens of links in each channel! The publication of your feed in RSS directories offers the opportunity to create links with the specific keywords you want, and we hope that we all know that the more links you have with keywords, the higher your ranking in search engine searches.

2. Exhibition - Are you a new website? Has anyone heard of you before? Well, RSS feeds definitely give their name to the market. The quality articles associated with your name increase your exposure and reputation as a quality website worth doing business with.

1. Targeted traffic: people see your feed as a representation of your site. If you have a feed related to dog bones, obviously if you are interested in buying dog bones, your site will remember it.