Top 09 reasons why RSS autoresponders are becoming an Email Marketers permission BEST friend

Top 09 reasons why RSS autoresponders are becoming an Email Marketers permission BEST friend

Is email marketing with permission in trouble?

With the growing concern of spam filter / blocker, blacklist, bounce and CAN-SPAM Acts, email is unfortunately becoming a VERY unworkable vehicle to deliver your marketing messages to your customers,

Is there a solution to this endless concern for permit email vendors?

You can bet there is.

There it is called ... "RSS Autoresponders".

You read correctly, RSS autoresponders.

Now they have taken the newest technology (RSS - Summary of the enriched site or Real Simple Syndication) that came to the web and made it a dream that email marketers come true.

And ... the good thing about RSS autoresponders is that they work very similarly to traditional email autoresponders, only with some different features and benefits.

Time is something that I value very much, as I am sure that you too, especially when you work so hard on an email to your subscribers, I think you'll want to make sure it reaches them.

So ... for the rest of this article I'm going to give you the ...

Top 10 reasons why "RSS autoresponders" are becoming an Email Marketers permission BEST friend

... and WHY you should seriously consider the change if you are a permit email marketer.

Then, having said that, we will go to business by going to the first and my favorite MOST reason.

Reason 1. Delivery rate of 100% of your messages.

This is probably the BIGGEST benefit you will receive when using an RSS autoresponder to get 100% of your marketing messages in front of your potential clients and / or existing clients.

Reason 2. Blacklists are a thing of the past.

Never worry about being blacklisted again because someone else uses your shared server and sends SPAM emails through it and puts it on the blacklist as a final result.

Reason 3. Forget CAN-SPAM and email laws.

Now you can forget about all the email and CAN-SPAM laws because now they don't apply to you anymore because you are no longer an email editor, it is an RSS editor.

There is a big difference.

Reason 4. Subscribers can participate through web forms or links.

This is a critical feature that must be had with RSS autoresponders because it will allow an easy change simply by replacing your email web forms with RSS web forms on your websites.

In addition, this will ensure that there will be no confusion for your potential subscribers with any new Opt-In method.

Reason 5. Customize your outgoing messages.

That's right, you can customize your outgoing messages with custom data fields of your choice, such as a traditional email, giving your marketing message a professional look and giving you more credibility as a professional seller.

Reason 6. Write freely with all banned email words.

Now you have the freedom to write using any word or phrase you want without worrying that SPAM filters / blockers intercept your messages and label them as "SPAM", and still your message reaches a 100% delivery rate for your subscribers.

Isn't it great or what?

Reason 7. Unlimited delivery of messages.

As I said earlier in the article, RSS autoresponders work just like traditional email autoresponders with the same functions.

What I am saying is that you can configure unlimited sequential automatic response messages that your potential customers will automatically follow at the desired time or dates.

And, the really cool thing here is that you can sleep knowing that 100% of your messages are reaching your potential customers.

Reason 8. Stream as many times as you want.

The only difference is that 100% of your marketing messages reach your subscribers, which means more profits in your pocket.

Reason 9. Many options to manage your subscribers.

Like traditional email autoresponders, RSS autoresponders also offer you many different options to manage and edit your subscriber lists.

I will not go into many details about this simply because it basically works just like an email autoresponder list manager.

I think these 9 reasons I just described above are, in my opinion, quite beneficial for an email seller with permission, don't you think?

In conclusion, I must say that the GREATEST benefit of RSS autoresponders is that they GUARANTEE the delivery of 100% of your marketing message to your subscribers, saving you valuable time and frustration, and giving you the advantage you need so that you can get the most profit from your transmission

Technology is here, so we must adapt.

This concludes that the "09 main reasons why" RSS autoresponders "are becoming the best friend of sellers via email permissions."