MS Excel : How to Define a CONSTANT

MS Excel : Define a CONSTANT

Use a constant when you want to use it
value in different cells and / or formulas. With
constants, can refer to a value, either
simple or consists of many digits, simply using
The name of the constant.

You can use constants in many applications. by
For example, the sales tax rate is a family constant that,
when multiplied by the subtotal on an invoice, the results
in the tax due. Also, the income tax rates are the
constants used to calculate tax obligations. Although
tax rates change from time to time, tend to
remain constant within a tax period.

To create a constant in Excel, you must write your
esteem in the New Name exchange box, a similar discourse.
box that you use to name ranges as shown in Task # 11.
When you define a constant, determine the
constant scope telling Excel if
Applies to the current worksheet or all
work book. To utilize the steady in any equation in the
same exercise manual, simply utilize the name you characterized.

MS Excel : How to Define a CONSTANT


1 Click on the Formulas tab.
2 Click Define Name.

MS Excel : How to Define a CONSTANT

The New Name dialog box

3 Enter a name for the constant.
4 Click here and select the scope of
the constant.
5 Type an equal sign (=) followed
for the value of the constant.
6 Click OK.
Now you can use the constant.

MS Excel : How to Define a CONSTANT


1 Click on a cell.
2 Write an equal sign
followed by the first
letter or letters of the
constant name

MS Excel : How to Define a CONSTANT

A menu appears.

Note: if you don't know
the name of the constant
click on the Formulas tab
and then Use in Formula.
When the menu appears,
click on the name and then
press Enter.
3 Double click on the name of
the constant.
4 Press Enter.
l The value of the constant appears in the cell.

Did you know

You can use the Excel name manager to rename, edit or delete named ranges and constant values.
On the Formulas tab, click Name Manager. The Name Manager dialog box appears. Double click
Name you want to edit. The Edit Name dialog box appears. Make the changes you want and then
Click on OK. To delete a constant, click on the name in the Name Manager dialog box and then click on Erase. On the off chance that you need to make another steady, click New in the Name Director exchange box.. The new The Name dialog box appears; You can make your tickets. In addition to the formulas, you can also enter text as a constant value Simply type the text in the Refers to field.