Top 10 blogging tips

Top 10 blogging tips

Top 10 blogging tips

With that said, bloggers are likely to increase their exposure by following a few simple blogging guidelines.

1.) Stay on topic.

Opinions are generally accepted, but the content of blog items should relate to a general theme. Unless you have an uncanny knack for wit, humor, or cynicism, most of your readers will be interested in content that relates to a specific defined topic or loosely defined area of   interest. Most readers won't mind you eating Cheerios for breakfast. However, they may be interested in the fact that vinegar removes stains and toilet paper rolls make excellent flower crowns. Define a theme and stick with it. This will ensure that you build a loyal following of interested readers.

2.) Stay informative.

If you are trying to create the impression that you know a specific industry or sector, be sure to keep up with the news. If you endorse a product or express an opinion, be sure to verify your details; your reputation is at stake. If you are offering an opinion, be sure to rate your post, making it clear that the content is intended to be editorial.

3.) Old news is not news.

While blogging every day can be a burden, it is important that the information presented is current and accurate, writing an article or blurb about something that happened 6 months ago will not be of interest to many. Telling her audience that Martha Stewart was convicted and that she will go to prison after her sentence is completed will make people question the value of her columns.

4.) Stick to a schedule.

Create a schedule and stick to it. Realizing that blogging takes time and effort, don't create unrealistic expectations and be unable to deliver. Usually an occasional lapse or holiday is meant, but readers who come back to find outdated and outdated content will find another blog with similar content. New blogs and RSS feeds appear daily. If you've worked hard to develop an audience and a community, you don't want to lose them due to a lack of communication.

5.) Clarity and simplicity.

Remember, the web is global and expressions, idioms and acronyms are not always translated. Sometimes a little explanation is very helpful.

6.) Rich in keywords.

If the goal of your blog is to increase your visibility, include related keywords in the blog title. Each publication article should have a title that attracts attention but is relevant to the publication. The title should not be more than 10-12 words.

7.) Quantity matters.

A title or a simple sentence will not generate interest from readers or help with search engine ranking. Make sure to archive old blog posts to develop a great content portal with similar topics.

8.) Frequency.

If your blog content is updated frequently, search engines will tend to crawl the pages at regular intervals.

9.) Spelling and proofreading.

Remember that everything you post on the Internet can be found and archived.

10.) RSS.

RSS will increase the reach of your blog. 

Most weblog audiences are small, but with time and regular updates the audiences grow. Bloggers may never have more than a few hundred readers, but people who return regularly are often interested in what you have to say.