Starting your own blog

Starting your own blog

Starting your own blog

Yesterday I was sitting in my local internet cafe, I like to get away from my "home office" every now and then and it's a great place to have a cup of espresso and meet interesting people. The pretty attractive woman sitting next to me was writing furiously and when she finished I asked her what she was writing about. I'm interested in how other people use the internet ... some people call that being nosy!

It turns out that she was a 'Blogger' and she was updating her website through a web browser. She was really into vegetarian cooking and was adding a new restaurant review to her blog.

If you spend any time online these days, you just can't help but read about blogs, they are becoming more and more popular; And they are a great way to build an online presence without the need for any technical knowledge. A blog is an abbreviation of the term "web registry", which is a relatively simple content management system.

Quite a few years ago, netizens began to collect interesting information and links that they found during their online travels. As time passed, they began to create logs of the information they collected and soon began to develop their own web logs. These web logs allowed them to update the information and links as often as they wanted.

Blogs are more permanent than posts in an online forum or discussion list, they are much more dynamic than traditional style home pages. They are also more personal than standard dailies and definitely more public than dailies. 

There are some common characteristics of a blog, but there may be slight variations within the classification. Some blogs provide succinct descriptions of links within the chosen blog topic. Some others contain comments and links to the news of the day. Some are endless comments on the writer's time. Others are: political blogs, intellectual blogs, some are hilarious and some are theme-driven. They are all - Weblogs.

As mentioned above, blogs are short, informal, and sometimes deeply personal posts, no matter what the topic of discussion is. They can be characterized by their conversational tone.

If a person has a web presence, but is disappointed with the static home page, if he wants a fancy treatment of posts on a global platform, then "blogging" provides an ideal platform. They may also consider blogging if they seek feedback from their chosen audience.

Two of his greatest strengths are his ability to filter and disseminate information to a very dispersed audience and his position outside of the mainstream media.

There are many different options available to new and seasoned bloggers alike. Some blog scripts are available for you to install on your own domain and these require at least a basic knowledge of FTP and HTML. There are many hosted blogging services available, some free and some paid. If you are serious about blogging, I highly recommend that you use the best system you can afford that meets your needs.