Friday, February 12, 2021

Ways To Optimize Blog page appears more quickly with Javascript text compression:


Ways To Optimize Blog page appears more quickly with Javascript text compression:

Perform Javascript text compression

Javacsript compression technique is similar to CSS is that by removing unnecessary white space. Compacting javacript coding can also be intensified when downloading, parsing and execution time on a page.

Remove Unnecessary Javascript

Like it or not the use javacript (JS) is sometimes very necessary, although JS sometimes makes loading the page will be heavier. When a browser accesses a page, usually must go through the download process and analyze the code in JS first, imagine if a lot of JS calls in vain to be processed but not executed at all! Please go back and check the JS code which we think is useless, re-check and not to park too long, if not used anymore you’d better delete it!

The combination of Javascript in External file

Almost the same case with the above CSS External, Internal javascript deficiency is only one measure of the swelling capacity (size) on the size of the page. Experienced Webmasters are always suggesting we should make the call through an external access, if possible even better do a combination of all coding JS in just one file only. (For Blogger users if possible you should call through the internal files only, please read again hosting solutions internal javasript).

Perform Image Optimization

Dynamic websites without a decorating picture would not attract sufficient, but excessive use of images will be a problem when the browser to download the page. Should reduce the unnecessary images, especially on images that have a large enough size. If it is forced to use it, you should do optimization of the image by way of compression without compromising picture quality.

Do not Force Scale Images in HTML

Avoid using large images just because we can adjust the width and height in HMTL, We were able to rearrange the images at will through CSS or the html tags <img> as in the following <img width = “100″ height = “100″ src = “pic.jpg” /> even though the actual image size is 200x200px should not shrink by resetting the scale of the image, it would be better to create an image 100x100px according to the size of the actual image.

Avoid blank image SRC

Dialling SRC tag to the image there are usually two possibilities, either through HTML or via <img scr=”"> Javascript var img = new Image (); img.src = “”; even though the browser ignores this request if the image is empty, still it is through the rendering process which should not overload the server.

Re-Check Broken link

Link was dead would not like the reader, let alone readers… although search engines do not like this. Do check broken links as often as possible.

Remove unnecessary widgets or plugins

Please re-separated, we aggregated the widgets if nothing at all like installing clock and calendar. Ask yourself what’s the point put hours on the blog, if only as a timepiece.