Tips that can Improve blog page View

blog page View

Tips that can Improve blog page View

What is a pageview? Pageview is the average number of our blog pages were accessed by a visitor in a single visit.Pageview is very important, because you can measure how advantages or how interesting your article to your blog readers, if your pageview high despite the visitor are still minimal that means the articles that you write not enough to give the benefits and draw attention to the readers, or no body knows you are exist.

I will give you five simple tips that can improve blog page view:

1. Updating Articles Every Day.

Why should you update articles every day? What to do with page view? Update articles every day will certainly add a lot of articles that you write on the blog. If one day there was a visitor who visited your blog, when the visitor is reading an article you and he gets the benefit of your article, he’ll find articles – Other helpful articles on a blog that he reads on your blog. Every single visit will upgrade your stats.

2. Make Interesting Article Title

Do not let your blog readers miss an important article just because the title of article titles not interesting. Less likely to attract visitors who are curious to read the article.

3. Submit your article to Social Bookmarks

Surely you already know what social bookmarking could bring. Huge Social traffic.

4. Important Articles on Sidebar Plug

Take advantage of your sidebar to provide convenience to visitors to navigate the blog. Means, attach the articles you find useful or interesting in the sidebar. E.g most popular article from your blog or article that is important to read your visitors.

5. Put the Related Articles below Every your posts

Point in almost the same as installing important articles in the sidebar, but usually related article is a category with articles being read by visitors. When finished reading the article and then visitors to see related article just below the posting is not impossible that these visitors will continue to be interested in reading other articles.