Sunday, March 15, 2020

Use blogs and RSS feeds to get your new sites and pages Inde

Use blogs and RSS feeds to get your new sites and pages Inde

Use blogs and RSS feeds to get your new sites and pages indexed quickly.

They say it's a dog eat the dog world out there. Everyone fights for their right to lead the pack. Cyberspace has its own virtual version of this cliché ... search engine optimization. Marketing specialists around the world are struggling to get their products at the top of search engine listings. They work hard to produce material with high keyword density in an attempt to attract robotic spiders to visit their sites.

Robert was on his head. He had published projects on independent websites hoping to hire writers to provide him with dense keyword content. This was his fourth attempt. Good writers were worth their weight in gold. The only problem was that I didn't have much gold material to throw away. He had risked and accepted the offer of someone who knew that it was not high quality, but hey, they fit his budget.

Two weeks later I was still editing and rewriting ... and growling and growling. Where did these people learn to write anyway? The telephone ringing interrupted his fury. It was his old friend Dave ... excited and ready to talk. Dave had discovered the backdoor in search engines ...

Imagine a bank robber of yesteryear who appears at the back door of the bank just to find it open and a welcome sign attached. Woohoo! How much easier can it be? ... without risks, and nothing that prevents you from escaping quickly with much cash. RSS feeds is open door to search engines like Yahoo! They cost you nothing and present a risk-free invitation for quick results!

Did I mention quick results? We are talking about really fast results! Compare the time and effort Robert spent to get your site recognized by search engines with what RSS and blog users are spending ... minutes, yes, minutes! Bloggers spend little time creating some paragraphs of content that are quickly transmitted worldwide with RSS feeds and get better results than other SEO methods. People everywhere say: "WOW! My site was indexed within hours after I used RSS feeds."

How much time have you wasted trying to increase web traffic to your site? That's what I thought ... too much. I will not bother to ask how much money you have wasted, we will try to keep things on a more positive note. You don't really need to employ an SEO company, or, like Robert, try to do it yourself. You can index your site and send traffic today!

Wait just a second ... before you start, there are some secrets to make your blogs and RSS feeds more effective. SHHHH ... if you can slide keywords from the headlines of the news in your daily blog ... nod, nod ... your blog will surely make more appearances around the world. Now, go and make it happen!