Sending the RSS directory: the key to blog promotion

Sending the RSS directory: the key to blog promotion

According to Technorati, there are more than 15 million blogs as of July 2005. And during July, an average of 80,000 new blogs were created every day. If you have a blog, how will you promote it to stay ahead of the competition?

Fortunately, there is a simple but very effective method: sending the RSS directory. Submitting your RSS news feed to specialized news directories benefits your site in several ways.

Sending the RSS directory increases your readership. When a person is looking for news to add to their RSS reader, they are very likely to visit an RSS directory to find news about their topic of interest. Recently I visited a directory in search of personal business blogs. I subscribed to several, and now I read them through RSS on a regular basis. Anyone else can have an excellent business blog, but since they were not listed in the directory, I could not discover your site.

Sending the RSS directory allows your content to be duplicated and linked from other sites. One of the key benefits of content distribution through RSS is that it increases its reach. You can publish an article and then get excerpts from that article on hundreds of other websites, with links to the original on your site. Many webmasters want to have new content for their visitors, and incorporating an RSS news feed is the easiest way to do it. You should make sure you are included in the RSS directories when a webmaster visits you looking for website content, or your competitors can get the free promotion!

Sending the RSS directory provides immediate link popularity. RSS directories are similar to other web directories: you get a free and unidirectional link to your site when you're on the list. Think about this. Most RSS directories have a pagerank (PR) of 5 or more. When you multiply that in more than 50 RSS directories, it involves many links to your site, which means a higher ranking in search engines and more visitors.

There are several ways to send your RSS news feed to directories. The first, obviously, is at hand.Since there are many RSS directories, this can take a long time. To save time to the webmaster, there are two ways to send directories automatically.

The second method is properly named: RSS directory submission service (http: // This service is similar to sending RSS: you provide them with their source URL and send it to more than 50 directories. The difference between the two is the price: while RSS Submit costs $ 44.95 for a non-commercial personal license. The RSS directory submission service charges $ 8.95 per feed submission. And since sites generally only have one source, the RSS directory submission service is cheaper for most RSS publishers.

Regardless of the method of sending the RSS directory of your choice, be sure to do so! You will find the small effort compared to the benefits you receive.