Saturday, January 11, 2020

The most effective method to utilize a WYSIWYG HTML editorial manager to make great Ebay closeout records.

The most effective method to utilize a WYSIWYG HTML editorial manager to make great Ebay closeout records.

What type of browser are you using to navigate online? Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Opera? Sure, they are all good programs, but I want to talk about an excellent program called Netscape. If you use Netscape, do you know that you also get an amazing WYSIWYG web design program (what you see is what you get) called Netscape Composer for free? Basically, you no longer need expensive HTML editors. Most people do not want to spend a lot of money to start their eBay business. It is fair, since the goal is to make money and not spend money. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to use a program to design auction listings that is available for free. And that program is Netscape Composer.

It has the same professional features as FrontPage or any other similar program. To design impressive and professional-looking eBay auction sites with Netscape Composer, you must first download Netscape. If you start the program, select File-> New composer page and you can basically start immediately designing your auction lists. You can make letters in any color, bold, italic, use background colors (or even images), etc. The options are endless. You can save this file on your local hard drive as an html file. I used to have a file for each listing I generate. The best thing is that once you have a nice and professional eBay auction list, you can use it forever. Simply open your last listing in Netscape Composer and edit according to your new item. Surprisingly, this takes only a couple of minutes.

But how do you transfer your saved ad as an html file on your local hard drive to eBay? The answer is simple. Once you have logged into your eBay account and selected your category and initial price, you must enter your "item description". Did you see that eBay allows the HTML format? Check out when you launch your next list. That is the moment when you return to your new list that you just created with Netscape Composer. At the bottom of the Netscape Composer page, you will see a button called: SOURCE: the source code of your listing. Click on that, highlight and copy all the text. Then select the eBay site and paste this text in the "item description box". Make sure all links work and all photos are uploaded on the Internet.

When you have finished your listing, you will be surprised. An impressive and professional "DIY listing". You can always use “ready to use” auction templates and edit them according to your article. You will see that with a professional auction design you can easily attract more buyers and get higher offers. Worth the effort. Keep in mind that professional web design software is very expensive and does the same job. Alternatively, you can choose from a wide variety of third-party auction services that do the work for you. But hey, they are also incredibly expensive. Don't you think eBay rates are high enough and you can do it yourself without spending additional dollars? It is really simple!