Blog Your Way to Success - What is a "Blog" ?

Blog Your Way to Success - What is a "Blog"?

Blog is an abbreviation of "weB LOG" or a method to store any type of information online. This publication and organized information file was called "Blog". In the Blog form it represents an updated website of current and archived publications. A very simple concept proved to be extremely powerful in terms of satisfying the needs of the Internet community.

Online people look for fresh and relevant information on a particular topic and this is where blogs come on the scene and win that battle for the attention of visitors.

They give you exactly what you need: updated and specific information on any topic, with access to files, search functions and even some kind of interactive experience, since you can generally read the comments of other visitors and participate in a small discussion as in a message board

Why Blog can be the perfect solution you've been looking for and how you can solve massive publishing problems at the same time. Here is why Blog can be your website and your system of making money in one:

1. content management system. It helps you solve hundreds of small problems that webmasters were forced to waste months before to solve each of them, for example, to easily create new pages with automatic cross-linking and archiving functions, install visitor comment scripts, manage and update the navigation menu, republish RSS feeds and create your own feeds, etc.

2. Built-in promotion. The RSS feed is also a great viral marketing tool in itself. You don't have to worry about the problems of "how to make my viral content" face any "traditional" webmaster of the website.

As a blog editor, use the same RSS feed as a way to syndicate your blog content for any other website. What they need is to add their RSS feed to their font representation software. Technology is very popular, so you won't have any problem with that.

Simply add your RSS feed to several blog directories, ping (notify) blog servers every time you make a new post (a built-in feature common to almost all blogs) and in 90% of cases it will be enough to Start your marketing roll the ball more reassure the quick indexing of the search engine.

3. Many consider that integrated RSS (Atom) channels are the ideal solution for all SPAM problems and filters from "traditional" email vendors.

RSS feeds are automatically updated as soon as you make a new post on your Blog. No more problems with the management of "email lists", subscribers, subscription cancellers, email filters, HTML forms, SPAM complaints, follow-ups, etc. Forget this. RSS will help you do everything, including follow-ups and even the publication of courses by email.

The difference, and many consider it to be the real benefit, is that RSS uses the so-called "pull" method to deliver a message. Unlike "traditional" email, you don't have to send (send) anything to anyone. When you publish a new post, your RSS feed is automatically updated, ping syndicated websites with a new blog post and notify (or not) your RSS subscribers about your new post, so they can upload (extract) and read it .

This is how RSS solves SPAM emails and SPAM filters problems at once. Your subscribers simply receive nothing to complain about or worry about. They simply subscribe personally to their RSS feed (no one can subscribe for them) with their special RSS reader program (RSS aggregator, available for free everywhere on the network). Then, periodically and mostly automatically upload your new blog posts. If they don't like it, they simply remove their RSS feed from their RSS feed aggregation software and that's it. Unlike email, you cannot "send" your publication to your RSS software without your desire. Depending on the options set, you need to upload your blog post manually, semi-automatically or automatically.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against email. On the contrary, at some point, when you feel you have a lot of free time due to the advantages that RSS provides, I recommend that you add email marketing to your arsenal. It helps you on some special occasions. It is just that it will not depend on email as the only resource to make money and will use it professionally as a great additional instrument, limiting its possible negative effects.

As far as you can see, blogs are perfect and simple software machines to run and maintain your informational business. They demonstrated their effectiveness in small market niches, as well as in multilevel blog systems that generated stable income for their happy owners. You can be one of them.