Be prepared before

buying software

Be prepared before buying software

Before going to the store to buy software, write your
Computer specifications. You will need the type and speed
processor How much ram does your computer have? What
type of video card? How much disk space is available?

 Then click on "System Information" and you should see a summary that contains your computer's operating system, processor and memory information. Then click on the plus sign to expand the "Components" category. There, in "Screen", you will find the specifications of your computer's video card. You may also need to know what type of sound card is installed. Under "Storage" you can select Units to verify how much available disk space you have. This will be labeled "Free space." Other information you may need, depending on the type of program, is the network
and modem specifications.

Once you have selected a software, make sure that
It is compatible with your computer. Most software programs
come on CD now and will include your minimum requirements
Somewhere in the package They may require that you
Have a video card or special adapter. It may require that you have a particular type of processor, so make sure that your computer's processor is the same or better. Usually, they will give a minimum and a recommended amount, but I've always
He discovered that it is better to go with the recommended amount.

Another thing to consider is the price. Sometimes you can save a lot of money buying an earlier version
of a particular piece of software. Just make sure you have all the functions you want and that it is compatible
with your computer The best place to search is on the Internet. You can compare prices without having to run throughout the city. Go to your favorite search site and search for the software you are looking for. Sometimes you can buy online for less, but be sure to check shipping costs.