7 steps to a successful publication

7 steps to a successful publication

It makes creative juices flow and the eyes light up. But wait: before you start the publishing process, know the seven most important steps you need to know before publishing your book. Be sure to take each step into careful consideration so that your path to success is easy:

1. Know why you are writing a book. All of these objectives are valid, but each objective has different implications for your business plan. Know why you are writing and know that you can create that sales success if that is your goal.

2. Treat the publication as a business. You are moving from the scope of the author to the exciting world of publishing. You are not just a writer, you are about to become an editor who wants to produce a profitable book and you want to keep the profits for yourself.

3. Write a business plan. Knowing the commercial aspect of the publication is not an end in itself: you must formally write your plan. It does not need to be a fifty-page document with each registered accounting possibility, but you must describe all the costs you will face when obtaining the necessary funds to know the price of sending a book. The business plan must account for future expenses and expenses prior to publication.

4. Advertising and marketing plan. You must plan the advertising and marketing of your book. You can have the best book in the world, but if nobody knows, nobody will buy it. You don't want to print books that are in your garage. He wants to print books that are sold, sold, sold!

5. Write about a topic you know well. Don't write about something you can't talk about effortlessly. Write about a topic that you are very familiar with and that you are excited about. Writing the book will establish you as an expert in your field, therefore, choose the topic that makes all your acquaintances come to you for advice. Advertising will be so easy that you'll love being the "star."

6. Know who will buy your book.  Not so. Research and know WHO really wants your book and your market, market them. They will buy!

7. Look for markets that are not bookstores and don't be afraid of big discounts.  There are many non-traditional markets that buy books in large quantities without return. This is a great market: the sales made are guaranteed sales, not consignment sales. Don't be afraid of big discounts when you make large volume sales. The books you sell are SOLD.

Think how much more enjoyable a trip is if you know which fork in the road will lead to smooth driving and which fork in the road will take you through potholes. Knowing the most effective publication steps before printing will make your editorial career fun and profitable.