Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Construction blog

Construction blog

Blogs like all forms of writing are an art form that requires knowledge and practice to do well.

Writing.Blogs.Blogs are online diaries where people express themselves through writing. Writing: writing is the process in which the words of a language are written in a format that others can read. This process has not existed for a long time, to use one of my favorite writing teacher's sayings: "Writing has only existed for one day in the year in  These processes simply flow naturally like a river of consciousness; Sometimes we just have to think about doing them. Anyone can write words on paper, but that does not mean it is a "good writing," including myself. Like most things in life, our society already takes writing for granted, which is proving to expose our ignorance more. Writing is a new form of expression, and if we want to do it so that the masses can connect with our ideas, we have to think much more simply and clearly about this art.

Now that it was a fairly large paragraph, you should ask yourself if I really need to say as much as I just presented this article about the best way to write your blogs on the Web. I didn't even mention this main idea, and for that an introduction paragraph is intended. This is a common mistake in many blogs. We try to convey too many ideas in a paragraph, sometimes even in a sentence!  Simplicity means that readers will not be confused about what their journal entry really is about. Present your main general topic at the beginning and use the following paragraphs to discuss separate ideas related to this topic. Try to link everything in the final paragraph, your main argument and the reason why you wrote first.

This is a real problem. When we speak, we can easily convey messages to others, but if we put these words on paper, the writing is simply not interesting and does not connect with people's curiosities and fascination. You cannot use jargon and colloquialisms that only your local community can understand. The goal is to connect with all the people in the world, so let's make it clear and enjoyable to read.

Your computer has spelling and grammar corrections, as well as access to a thesaurus. Use them, but remember that the machine cannot decipher all the complexities of language. The language is a world in itself, and many of its territories are not discovered by the masses. Then, again, keep it simple. Short and precise sentences with unique ideas are great. Use the thesaurus to not repeat the same word over and over again throughout the text. It keeps the story fresh and does not turn off the reader. There is nothing more boring than repetition. Using different words can be a lot of fun and a learning experience, just be sure to use a dictionary (also on the computer / Internet) to make sure the definition of the word.

Readability. Simplicity Make your blog accessible to all people. You can even keep in mind that many readers will have learned English as a second language. As I said in previous articles, stay to the point: do not follow the tangents. Stay with the subject of the article and definitely stay within the areas of the main area of   your blog. If your blog is titled "Jazz music," people who go there don't want to know how their soccer team won over the weekend! Please be consistent. How irritating is visiting a blog that hasn't been written in months or years?

I hope these little tips help you in your quest to produce a 'good' writing that attracts new friends and acquaintances from similar perspectives to your world. If you want people to read, the goal is to produce an emotional reaction in your reader. Imagine that you are writing to another form of yourself, if it were not readable, interesting and fun. You would stay?