6 matters to post on your blog

6 matters to post on your blog 

Wherever you browse, blogs are popping up everywhere like mushrooms, whether they are used for personal or commercial purposes. But for starters, what is a blog anyway? It is a newspaper where you can publish your thoughts or feelings or anything else, except that it is online and the public can read it. But enough of that. Gone are the days when they were used solely for personal reasons. On the commercial side, they can be a very useful tool to boost your business and keep your customers updated on the products and information you have. But if you are still struggling to catch up with the latest these days and think you are not a great writer, let me give you some useful topics on which you can write to give your clients many reasons to keep coming back to
your site.

1. News. Okay, so maybe that's basic. After all, your company or business is the reason you publish a blog, right? Write about the products you sell. Give them some of the benefits that your potential customers could get when you buy them, with a link to their main site to read the full sales letter. You can also write about your product updates. Post news about the industry you are in. If you are selling products that help people get better search engine rankings, write about search engine news. Or, if you or your service have appeared on TV, newspapers or notable websites, write it down. Don't forget to publish seminars or meetings where you have been invited.

2. History of your business. Maybe this has already been on your main website, but who cares? People forget it. They come and go and they probably don't read it when they visit your site. Write about how it started, the reputation and achievements you have earned, and the compliments or awards you received, with a link to your site. That way, he will let you know why they should buy from you, and that you are a real person who is building a reputable business. Add an employee's profile if you also have someone working for you. If you have good traffic or site statistics, it is also worth mentioning.

3. Customer comments. When an enthusiastic customer sends you an email about how your product has helped, share it on your blog. He is giving his visitors a compelling reason to buy him.

4. Site of the week / month. Mention a site that does not compete with you but complements your profit. Explain why you like it and why it deserves your recognition.

5. Contests, surveys, trivia, questionnaires. If you are running a contest, post it on your blog to encourage visitors to join. Get your attention by including the prizes, a bit of the rules, with a link to your site to get more information about it. Or put a survey. That could give you information about the product you are selling, how you could develop it further.

6. Tip of the day. Write about a new tactic you developed or something you learned and perfected.