Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus Review: A Comprehensive Overview

Ms Office 2019 Professional Plus Review

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus Review: A Comprehensive Overview

        Microsoft Office has long been the go-to productivity suite for businesses and individuals worldwide. With the release of Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus, Microsoft has introduced a powerful and feature-rich package that offers a host of new tools and improvements. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive review of Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus, highlighting its key features, improvements, and benefits for users.

Enhanced Applications:

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus includes essential applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, and Skype for Business. Each application has been enhanced with new features and improvements to boost productivity and provide a seamless user experience. From advanced collaboration tools in Word and PowerPoint to enhanced data analysis capabilities in Excel, the suite offers a comprehensive range of features to meet diverse user needs.

Improved User Interface:

The user interface of Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus maintains familiarity while introducing some subtle refinements. The Ribbon interface has been streamlined, offering a cleaner and more intuitive experience. The enhanced "Tell Me" feature allows users to quickly find commands and features, saving time and improving productivity. These interface improvements contribute to a smoother and more efficient workflow.

Advanced Data Analysis:

Excel, one of the flagship applications in Microsoft Office, receives significant upgrades in Office 2019 Professional Plus. Users can take advantage of new formulas, charts, and data analysis tools to gain valuable insights from their data. Features such as Power Pivot and Power Query enable users to perform advanced data modeling and transformation, while new visualization options enhance the presentation of data in a visually compelling manner.

Collaborative Features:

Collaboration is at the forefront of Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus. Users can leverage real-time co-authoring in Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote, allowing multiple individuals to work simultaneously on the same document. The integration with cloud services, including OneDrive and SharePoint, facilitates seamless collaboration and file sharing across teams, regardless of geographical locations.

Enhanced Security and Compliance:

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus prioritizes security and compliance, offering robust features to protect sensitive information and meet regulatory requirements. Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities in Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint help users prevent the unauthorized sharing of sensitive data. In addition, new built-in features aid compliance with GDPR regulations and provide improved protection against cyber threats.

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime:

With Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus, users can access their documents and files from any device with an internet connection. The suite's integration with cloud services allows for seamless synchronization, ensuring that files are up to date across all devices. The flexibility to work on-the-go increases productivity and provides a consistent experience across desktop, web, and mobile platforms.


Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus offers a comprehensive suite of applications with enhanced features, improved user experience, and advanced collaboration capabilities. From its streamlined interface to its powerful data analysis tools, the suite provides users with the tools they need to be productive and efficient in their daily tasks. The emphasis on security, compliance, and cloud integration ensures that users can work confidently and access their files anytime, anywhere. Whether for businesses or individuals, Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus remains a top choice for productivity software, offering a range of powerful tools to meet diverse needs and enhance productivity.