HP ENVY 5055 Printer: A True Review of Performance, Wireless Connectivity, and Versatility

HP ENVY 5055 Printer: A True Review of Performance, Wireless Connectivity, and Versatility

HP ENVY 5055 Printer: A True Review of Performance, Wireless Connectivity, and Versatility

        The HP ENVY 5055 printer is a versatile all-in-one printer designed for home and small office users. With its sleek design, reliable performance, and wireless connectivity options, the ENVY 5055 has gained popularity among individuals seeking an affordable and efficient printing solution. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the key features, print quality, ease of use, and overall user experience of the HP ENVY 5055 printer, highlighting why it stands out in the market.

All-in-One Functionality:

The HP ENVY 5055 printer offers all-in-one functionality, combining printing, scanning, and copying capabilities in a single device. This eliminates the need for multiple devices, saving space and streamlining workflow. Whether you need to print documents, scan photos, or make copies, the ENVY 5055 handles these tasks efficiently, making it suitable for various home and small office environments.

High-Quality Printing:

The ENVY 5055 delivers high-quality prints with sharp text and vibrant colors. With its thermal inkjet technology, the printer produces crisp and detailed documents and photos. The ENVY 5055 also supports borderless printing, allowing users to create professional-looking prints without white margins. Whether you're printing documents, family photos, or creative projects, the ENVY 5055 ensures impressive results.

Wireless Connectivity and Mobile Printing:

The HP ENVY 5055 offers seamless wireless connectivity options, enabling users to print from various devices without the need for cables. With built-in Wi-Fi, users can easily connect their laptops, smartphones, and tablets to the printer, allowing for convenient and hassle-free printing. The ENVY 5055 is also compatible with mobile printing technologies like HP Smart App, Apple AirPrint, and Mopria Print Service, allowing users to print directly from their mobile devices.

User-Friendly Features and Intuitive Interface:

HP designed the ENVY 5055 with user-friendly features and an intuitive interface to enhance the printing experience. The printer features a responsive touch display, making it easy to navigate through menus, settings, and functions. The intuitive interface simplifies tasks like setting up wireless connections, initiating scans, and adjusting print settings, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly operation.

Versatile Paper Handling:

The ENVY 5055 offers versatile paper handling capabilities to accommodate various print jobs. It features a built-in input tray that can hold multiple paper sizes, including letter, legal, and photo paper. The printer also supports automatic two-sided printing, enabling users to save on paper costs and reduce environmental impact. Whether you need to print documents, labels, or photos, the ENVY 5055 can handle a range of media types and sizes.

HP Instant Ink Subscription:

The ENVY 5055 is compatible with HP Instant Ink, a convenient ink replacement service. With Instant Ink, users can enroll in a monthly subscription plan based on their printing needs. The printer communicates with HP to automatically order ink cartridges when supplies are running low, ensuring that users never run out of ink. This service helps users save money and simplifies the ink replenishment process.

Support and Customer Service:

HP is well-known for its excellent customer support and reliable warranty programs. Users can access comprehensive online resources, including manuals, troubleshooting guides, and driver updates, for assistance and product information. In case of any issues, HP's customer service is readily available to provide support and ensure customer satisfaction.


The HP ENVY 5055 printer offers reliable performance, wireless connectivity, and versatile functionality, making it an excellent choice for home and small office users. With its all-in-one capabilities, high-quality printing, user-friendly features, and support for mobile printing, the ENVY 5055 provides a convenient and efficient printing experience. Whether you need to print documents, photos, or labels, this printer delivers impressive results. Additionally, HP's commitment to customer support and reliable warranty programs further solidify the ENVY 5055's position as a top choice in the printer market. If you're seeking an affordable and feature-rich printer that delivers on performance and versatility, the HP ENVY 5055 is certainly worth considering.