What is better than Adsense

better than Adsense

What is better than Adsense

While AdSense is a popular and widely used ad network, there are several alternatives that you can consider depending on your website's niche, traffic, and monetization goals. Here are a few ad networks that are often considered as alternatives to AdSense:


Ezoic, which we have discussed earlier, provides advanced ad optimization and revenue optimization features. By utilizing their machine learning algorithms, you can maximize your ad revenue potential.


Media.net is a contextual advertising network similar to AdSense. It offers a range of ad formats and focuses on delivering relevant ads based on the content of your website.

Amazon Associates: 

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, Amazon Associates can be a good option. It allows you to earn commissions by promoting and selling products from Amazon's vast inventory.


Sovrn is an ad network that provides various ad formats, including display ads, native ads, and video ads. They have a global reach and offer competitive payouts.


PropellerAds offers various ad formats, including pop-unders, push notifications, and native ads. They have a wide range of ad campaigns and high-quality advertisers.


BuySellAds is a marketplace connecting advertisers directly with website publishers for direct ad placements. It gives you more control over the ads displayed on your site and allows for direct negotiation of ad prices.


Adversal is an ad network that focuses on display, video, and mobile ad formats. They offer competitive CPM rates and work with a range of advertisers.


Infolinks provides in-text, in-fold, in-frame, and in-tag ad formats. They offer innovative ad solutions that can complement your existing ad strategy.

        Remember, the choice of an ad network depends on your specific requirements, website traffic, niche, and monetization goals. It's advisable to thoroughly research and evaluate each alternative to find the one that best suits your needs and maximizes your revenue potential.