Poor copy of your website can be very harmful for you

Poor copy of your website can be very harmful for you!

Poor copy of your website can be very harmful for you

A professionally presented commercial website is a powerful and essential marketing tool: it is the first thing that potential customers will look at before deciding to contact you. If the copy on your website is not written to an acceptable standard, you may be losing customers. It is not enough to have incredible graphics and images: you need the words to complete it. Is the spelling correct? Are the punctuation marks in place? Does the copy make sense? These are questions that website designers should ask themselves before loading a new site.

One of the biggest flaws with the copy of the website is inconsistency: for example, the word "website". Some sites spell it as a word, some as two words; As far as I know, both are acceptable, but not both versions in the same place! In my opinion, the lack of consistency will deter a significant number of potential customers from using the services of a company that has not bothered to correct its website.

Bad spelling on a website is another expensive but avoidable mistake.
Most visitors will leave the site very quickly if they find too many spelling errors. This will again give them the impression that site owners don't really care; And they would be right! I am also convinced that the copy that has been "filled in" with insignificant trivialities is also a great diversion for visitors: of course, concise and informative is the order of the day.

Of course, everything that contains textual content must be corrected: it is important that not only spelling, punctuation and grammar errors are found and corrected, but that the text flows smoothly for the reader. The copy on a website should not be treated as the 'bad relationship' of the project. You may have the most up-to-date and flashy graphics available, but you will still need a well-written copy to complement them.

There are a few web design companies that will inform visitors how they can provide them with a state-of-the-art website, but then they will insert a second category copy, which totally denies any good work they have accomplished. This will reduce the initial impact of the site, and most of the time it will have an adverse effect on business.
It is worthwhile to have the copy verified professionally, whether it was written by the design company itself or provided by the client; It may cost much less than you think having a website review, it could cost you much more if you don't!

Remember: if visitors to your site cannot find the information they are looking for due to a poorly written copy, they will simply leave the site. The only people who will benefit will be their competitors.