How To Use Time And Technology To Run A Successful Link Exchange Program For Your Website


How To Use Time And Technology To Run A Successful Link Exchange Program For Your Website

Link exchanges are a time-consuming project. The time it takes to find sites to exchange, contact them and place a link on your page may seem like an eternity. The hardest part of link exchanges is not research, it is waiting. This article will give you some tips to help speed up the response time to your requests.

"How long does it normally take?" you ask. The average wait can be 2 to 3 weeks, sometimes even more. The reason for this is that many people operate their website as a hobby or a parallel business and may not be aware of their email. Keep these deadlines in mind before judging the success of a link campaign.

The first step is to find sites related to your website that DO NOT have a large directory of published links. You want to link to sites that have less than 100 links on your links page. Your Page Rank (PR) must be at least equal to yours. Taller is better, so always aim for heavy hitters. Now, to the task of saving you time.

Once you have located a site to contact, send a brief but touching email. What should be in your email? First, your email must be personalized. Do not send the same email to dozens of people, send one at a time. This will help avoid being considered a spammer. The personalized touch shows that you are serious and that the email was sent by a real person. Nothing says "this is of little importance to me" like a letter, so avoid using them.

The letter must also include:

The HTML code of your text ad. This will make it easier for people to add your link to your site.
A link to your links page. This will facilitate those who request a link to find your page.

Also, if you are asked to link first, do it. If you have already been to your site (and certainly should have done so if you request a link), most likely
Know if they want a link in good faith. The email you send them must have a confirmation that your link is active and that you are requesting a reciprocal link.

Once you contact the website owner, how long will you wait? One week? Two weeks? Honestly, it may be a month before you see your link unless it shows some persistence. It does not always depend on how often you make updates. I would contact them once a week after their initial consultation after first consulting their site. They may have placed a link without notifying you.

So, in summary:

Take time to find sites that will be an asset to your company to save time by not matching those that will not.
Correct, personalized emails
Include all necessary codes and links to facilitate the site with which you wish to exchange
Research your link policy in advance
Be persistent

Link exchanges require a lot of time. Patients and an excellent record are needed to track who has added it and who has not. I do this with an Excel spreadsheet. It makes tracking much easier to do. Especially, if you are doing great link campaigns.

Good luck.