Get a top 10 ranking without paying a penny

 Get a top 10 ranking without paying a penny

Get a top 10 ranking without paying a penny

If there's one thing Google loves, it's content. Done right, a content-rich website is almost certain to rank high. But how do you get that content? You can write it yourself, but that takes a lot of time. You can pay an SEO copywriter to write it for you, but that takes a lot of money. If only there was another option...

What if you could get your content for free? And not just a bit of content; much! What if you could get an almost unlimited supply of expertly written, keyword-rich content specific to your topic, absolutely free? Would you take it and upload it to your site in an instant? Of course you would! Well, here's the good news: you can! Read on to find out how you can get a top ten ranking on search engines without paying a single penny...

Yes, the content gives you a great ranking.

Content is king. This is widely recognized as fact, but if you need more conviction, consider the following two points:

Point 1: In Google's own words, one of the keys to ranking high is "creating a useful, information-rich site" (from "Google Insights for Webmasters" - /guidelines.html).

Point 2: A Google insider, codenamed 'Google Guy', advocates a list of 26 steps to building a high-ranking site. Step 5 on the list says, "create one page of content and get it online per day in 200-500 words" (from Brett Tabke "26 Steps to 15k a Day" - /guide .htm, recommended by Google Guy in a WebMasterWorld QA session -

But why does the content give you a great ranking?

I won't go into more detail about IF Google loves content. However, I will briefly explain WHY. Google's love affair with content is based on two key attractions:

1) Google loves content-heavy sites because it assumes they provide a lot of useful information. And remember, that's the only reason Google exists: to help people find useful information. The more useful Google results are, the more traffic (and revenue) you'll get.

2) Google loves sites that have a lot of links pointing to them because this means other webmasters hold their site in high regard, and Google assumes this means the content is useful. And naturally, if you create a useful site, other webmasters will link to it because it makes them useful to their visitors (thereby building loyalty to the site), and they gain credibility and authority because they are associated with you.

So how can you get free content for your website?

Three words: 'free reprint articles'. There are hundreds of thousands of people who write high-quality, helpful, and informative articles on just about every topic imaginable, and then give these articles away to any webmaster who wants to post them on a website. In exchange for the article, the author only asks that you keep the author bio at the end, with all links (eg, "Glenn Murray is an SEO writer and article submission specialist...).

To find free content for your website, simply visit any of the hundreds of "article banks" on the Internet, such as,, or http://www. . Browse or search for the topic you're interested in, then grab the articles for free. There is absolutely no charge. Some of these sites will even send a regular stream of articles directly to your website (using RSS).

Alternatively, you can sign up for any number of article distribution lists and have articles delivered directly to your email inbox. Again, it's absolutely free! Some of the more popular mailing lists include,, and /group/Free-Reprint-Articles.

TIP: The item banks and mailing lists mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds more - just search for "free reprint articles", "article submission", "article submission site", "article submission", "article submission site", "free articles" or "free content" . You can even find a site or list that only deals with articles related to your particular topic.

Because it is free?

Why do these authors give away their articles? Because it helps the author's own search engine ranking. It is a promotional activity known as 'article PR'. As explained before ty because his articles are widely published. And because you're freely demonstrating your expertise and knowledge, your readers will trust you and be more likely to be loyal to you. (In this sense, "PR" in the article PR means Public Relations).

How do I know if the quality is good?

It is a process of natural selection. The better the submission of the article, the more often it will be published, so it is in the author's interest to write and submit articles of the highest quality. Of course, this doesn't always happen, but in most cases, you'll review articles before posting anyway, so if you discover one that doesn't measure up, don't use it.

Over time, you will become familiar with authors who consistently publish good quality content; you may even find enough of them that you don't need to search for anyone else's content...

Where do I put the free content?

Most people put articles in an 'Articles' or 'Resources' section on their website, but you can put them wherever you like.

How much free content should I use?

As much as you want or as little as you want. It all depends on your needs and the needs of your audience. If your audience expects at least some of your site to be original content, then give it to them.

But what about the problem of duplicate content?

It is not a problem!

There is a lot of talk about how Google penalizes duplicate content. The theory is that when most of the content on two separate web pages (on different sites) is the same, the one with the highest PR will be displayed and the other will not.

Whether or not this theory is true is still a hot topic in search engine circles, but regardless, it doesn't affect people posting free reprint articles. When you post the article, just make sure you have unique content around it. In general, it is enough to have your own unique introduction to the page (which can be common to all pages) and your own navigation elements, headers, footers, sidebars, logos, images, etc.


Free reprint articles are a great way to rank high. And you don't have to pay a dime! So, what are you waiting for?

Happy reprinting!