What are scrolling ads?

What are scrolling ads?

Pop-up ads have been promoted as the replacement and successor of those irritating and annoying pop-up ads, and it seems that the world has mixed feelings about this new method of advertising. According to a popular internet marketing dictionary, Hover advertising is a new method to display a message on a web page. With the painful death of pop-up ads, the next generation of Internet advertising, the Hover ads, arrives.

How exactly does a floating ad look and make?

The great news is this: emerging murderers who have been in a murderous uproar since mid-2004 or earlier cannot kill emerging ads. You see, a pop-up ad is a new web page that appears every time a page with pop-up codes appears. Compare this with a floating ad. The floating ad is a type of ad that moves within the HTML page, so pop-up applications cannot access them unless they delete the entire web page ... which is not exactly what advertisers are looking for and the media.

Pop-up ads primarily use Javascript to load new pop-ups, while pop-up ads use DHTML (something like HTML - DHTML means dynamic HTML).

Have you ever seen ads that float on a web page and won't disappear until you click on the small "x" next to the ad to close the window? Those are floating ads. They simply ... well, they float inside the website.

How does the floating ad work and why does it work?

In general terms, with floating ad codes embedded in a web page, it slows down the download of the page a bit, but let's take http://www.auction-essentials.com as an example. Even if the download of the website slows down a bit, an interested reader will not mind the discreet ad. Imaginative and creative minds have even taken a new turn to pop-up ads. They can also make pop-up ads a bit transparent, so even if the pop-up ad is at the top of a part of the page (or text), nothing will be lost because the ad is something transparent. Brilliant, don't you agree?

How effective are floating ads to attract traffic?

Not surprisingly, since pop-up ads are less irritating than pop-up ads, pop-up ads are more effective for the brand, newsletter subscriptions, ads, advertising and promotional campaigns. Because pop-up ads are not like flash ads that escape every time you try to close the ad, they are more "tolerable" and make exposure rates higher and more effective.

As one user and an advertiser said: "If TV commercials irritate you, does it stop you from watching TV altogether?" The answer is a definit no. Internet marketing specialists are flocking to this new technology and are using pop-up ads as a way to display their most important messages in front of their website visitors without disturbing or irritating them.