Friday, February 12, 2021

How to Create a Free Blog

How to Create a Free Blog

The first thing to do before creating your first free blog is to think carefully about your page title. In this case, using the example in “Niche Research and Brainstorming Techniques”, we will want to include some of our keywords in the title to try and maximize our rankings in the search engines for that exact phrase if possible.

The best FREE blogging platform out there without a doubt is Google’s, since it’s run by Google you can be sure that they favor blogs created using Blogger, meaning you will actually rank much easier and faster with a Blogger blog as opposed to another free blogging platform.

Since you’ve already got your Google account, simply go to by clicking HERE. Simply sign in with your Google username and password. Once entered, you’ll see the screen below:Creating a Free Blog with

Your display name could be your first name, a pet name or simply use “Admin” as above. On top of each blog post you write, it will display “Posted by Admin on date/time.”

Tick the “Terms of Service” box and select “Continue”

Now you will see your Control Panel or “Dashboard”, click the “Create your Blog Now” button.Free Blog with Blogger Dashboard Area

Now you get to choose your blog and website address. With Blogger and any other free blogging platform, some part of your blogging URL will refer to the platform used. This means your blog URL will come up as

When choosing a blog title, ALWAYS use your keywords or phrase! In my example I will use “How to Lose Weight Fast” as my blog title.

Generally you’d want to make your URL the same as your blog title, if it is more than one word I suggest using a hyphen to separate your words to make it easier for your visitors to read.  Once you have your URL, click the “Check Availability” button to see whether it has been used already.

With “Weight Loss” being such a popular niche, my first choice for an URL has already been taken by another blogger, so “” showed as “Unavailable” and I had to pick something else…

Be Creative with your Free Blogger Blog

I have decided on the URL:

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! So maybe this is not the most attractive URL for visitors, BUT this is a very good URL, possibly even better than my original idea… “But why?”

Your URL is without a doubt THE MOST important part of your blog, because this is the first thing search engines like Google and Yahoo will see. By adding the word “loss” in my new URL I will automatically find it easier to rank for the following keywords:

How to lose weight fast, lose weight fast, lose weight, weight loss, weight-loss, fast weight loss, fast weight-loss, etc.

As opposed to just ranking for: How to lose weight fast, lose weight fast and lose weight.

Be creative and mix up your keywords a bit as seen on the previous page when selecting your blog URL, make very sure it is relevant to your specific niche market you plan on targeting. Once you’re happy with your choice, click “Continue”.

As seen above, in this final step of creating your free Blogger blog, simply choose one of the templates listed. If you’re not happy with your template you can always change it at any time. Once done, click “Continue” and voila!