Why blog?

Why blog?

Wherever I go, I find articles and forums dedicated to this madness. I've also heard of many moms who are trying to discover what a blog is and how they can use one for their benefit.

The term "blog" is the abbreviation for "weblog," which only means an online journal or "log." You can write down personal thoughts and notes, post articles you have written or keep track of the interesting websites you find.  A blog is something entirely of your own creation and you can use it to share your thoughts with the world, well ... with anyone who can read it anyway.

One of the main discussions about blogs is whether blogs can be made to improve the ranking of search engines for companies or to create a rumor about companies' websites. Both can be true if the blog is used correctly. Many resources show that once a blog is created, it often appears in search engines within 48 hours. This was true for the blog I created for Christian Work at Home Moms.

These are many ways to create a blog. The easiest is to use one of the free tools available online, such as Google Blogger. You can create your blog for free using its online tools and templates (nothing to download). After you have created the blog, you can publish your blog through them and "Wa-La": your blog is published online for the world to see.

Once you have created your blog, you must decide how you will use it. Is it a personal blog, full of thoughts and comments just for you or your family? Or will it be a business blog, with articles and tips for potential clients? If you want others to find your blog, blog experts recommend that you start by configuring the title and descriptions of your blog. These are similar to the title and descriptions that you configure for your website. Try to make sense because they are what people will see when your blog is returned in a search engine. If your description is simply "my blog", it may not attract the attention you want.

If you are blogging in the hopes of attracting customers, be sure to use words and links intelligently in your blogs. Try to avoid the "click here" link. Instead, opt for links within descriptive sentences. Add the HTML link within the sentence and attach it to words that are closely related to the page or site you are linking to.

There are many ways to make your blog notice beyond optimizing for search engines. For example, there are complete websites dedicated to listing blogs dedicated to any topic you can think of. One of the best websites dedicated to blogs created by women is BlogDaisy.com. You can also use free tools such as FeedBurner.com to track traffic on your blog and create a dynamic title box that can be used to show your blogEvery time you update your blog, these headlines are updated instantly.

There are many ways to use a blog for personal or commercial use. If used correctly, a blog can be an excellent tool to inform potential customers of your business. Be sure to update your blog at least once a week so that the content remains updated and remains in the search engines.