Five Minute Miracles

Five Minute Miracles

FIVE MINUTES ... is all you need ... to call a friend ... peel potatoes for dinner ... pick up children from school ... or write some words that could beat you anything, from a plastic pinny or a pen, to a dream house in the sun, a high-end sports car or thousands of dollars in cash and luxury items!

Even if you can only spend a few minutes a day, you can be a respected and regularly published writer.

No special skills are required, you definitely do not need a computer or word processor, a phone or desk. And you certainly don't need much free time ... because you are about to enter the fascinating world of .....


Short written pieces are in great demand worldwide, by publishers and publishers, along with other customers who pay a lot, both to fill the space where a feature does not reach the published page, therefore 'filling', as to lighten publications that would otherwise be obsolete, such as medical journals and import / export bulletins. to mini-articles, puzzles and quizzes, recipes and tips for the home, photographs and cartoons, verses of greeting cards, competing slogans and much more.

That is why five-minute writing is considered the best way to start and develop a successful writing career, and why many established and well-paid writers stay with this profitable medium, in addition to:

It is very satisfying to see your work and your name printed and the sooner it happens, the sooner you will become a professional writer and the easier the path to longer and more profitable writing tasks will be.

Smaller pieces allow you to meet publishers who, after seeing and enjoying your work, are more likely to order longer pieces later.

Word for word, the rewards are much higher than for almost any other type of written projects, with the possible exception of creating winning slogans and tie-breakers for grand prize contests.

Without rejection, never! What better way to start a full-time writing career?

The complete pieces can be finished in minutes and distributed at any time that the writer can devote to other professional and domestic activities. Excellent for the mother or caregiver, or otherwise for a restricted individual or homebound who wants to write, but with little free time.

Bulky equipment and research materials are not required, which means you can write, anytime, anywhere, anywhere. A notebook and pen is all you really need to start this incredible journey to become a well-paid writer.

Fillers can be adjusted between longer tasks, offering a change of 'scenario' and more frequent financial rewards.

Each piece you write can be recycled into columns, articles, even top-selling books, and you can continue to earn great rewards for months, years, maybe forever.

That is why they will reward you well and continue to do so, perhaps during the life of your mutual existence!