Search engine Copywriting explained


Search Engine Copywriting and Writing Advertising Text in the Online World

The writing of advertising texts in the world of marketing has always been an expensive process and the main objective of the copy is to attract the attention of the reader and attract it to buy a product or use a particular service. The writing of advertising texts in the online world has practically the same meaning, but I think it is a bit difficult, since here the main objective is not only to capture the attention of readers, but to make it more effective, it is also It is important to make the copy position itself well in the search engines, so that the target audience can read it.

Search engine writing refers to the process, in which a copy is written in a way, where not only the reader is read well, but also repeats specific "keywords" within the text, so that copy (page web) rank well in the search engines of those keywords.

Experts in copywriting believe that it is ideal to have about 300 words on a page with one or two specific search terms intelligently placed in the text several times. Along with the text, it is also important to optimize other elements on the page, such as title text, headings, description tags and keywords, and alternative text.

Advantages and disadvantages of SEO Copywriting


Although many search engine optimization experts believe this is a myth.

Quality content: it not only helps in the optimization process, but also helps to have quality content and well written on your website, which is likely to return visitors or references.


It works for less competitive search terms: it is believed that this technique works best for less competitive search terms.  Although this can help the optimization process for highly competitive search terms as well, but to be competitive other more robust optimization techniques will also be needed.

It does not work for all sites: many sites cannot accommodate enough text on them, for example It can be difficult to optimize certain pages / sites that have too many graphics, flash, etc. and little space for content. Many webmasters are not willing to alter the text, as it can affect the aesthetic appeal of the site.

Expensive process: Search engine writers are expensive people and, therefore, this whole process can be very expensive. They usually charge per page, and the total expense depends largely on how many pages are optimized and the number of keywords that are targeted. Another reason why it can be expensive is that you have to depend on the editor for all the additional changes to that page, and therefore it can become a permanent expense. Making modifications to that page yourself, unless you know exactly what you are doing, can ruin the optimization of that particular page.