Use comments to add notes

Use comments to add notes

You can use comments as a way to communicate
with reviewers or insert a reminder into a slide.

Comments are like electronic sticky notes that you
can use to type any text you want.

Comments can be a great way to communicate
with a presentation’s author without changing
the presentation itself. For example, if you want to
remind the presentation’s author to insert a new
slide or do some additional research, changing the
presentation content might not be an appropriate
way to do it. Instead, you can insert a comment as
a highly visible way to get the author’s attention.

Comments inserted into a slide appear with a different
color for each reviewer. They also display the name
of the reviewer who made the comment and the
date the comment was inserted or edited. When
the comments are not opened, a small colored box
appears that shows the initials of the person who
inserted the comment plus a number. This enables one
person to insert more than one comment on a page,
such as PM1, PM2, and PM3.

Use comments to add notes

1 Click the Review tab.
2 Click New Comment.

Use comments to add notes

A blank comment is inserted into
the slide.
3 Click the comment form, and
then type your comments.
4 Click off the comment on the
The comment form closes but
the comment symbol remains.

Use comments to add notes

5 Click the comment
6 Click Review.
7 Click Edit Comment.

Use comments to add notes

The comment form appears.
8 Click and then type to edit the comment.

Name It!

You can change the name and initials that appear
in comments. Click Office, and then PowerPoint
Options. Click Popular, change the name in the
User name text box, and then the initials in the
Initials text box. Click OK. Future comments will
use the new name and initials.

Move It!

You can move a comment on a slide by clicking and
dragging it to a new location.


If another reviewer edits your comment, it will show
that reviewer’s name and initials, not yours. Similarly,
if you edit another person’s comment, it will look like
your comment. Therefore, consider editing your own
comments, but add new comments instead of editing
the comments of others.