Different types of keywords, which are used as the most important resource in SEO


Different types of keywords, which are used as the most important resource in SEO

The keyword can be classified into three categories:

- Single word keyword
- Multiple words Keyword
- Key words based on the topic

Keywords are basic raw material used in search engine optimization (SEO). Keyword selection or Keyword research, as it is technically called, where we use special tools to find a list of keywords (search terms) recently searched by the target audience. The keyword can be a single word, two or three words, multiple words and based themes.

We will detail each of these one by one. Understanding these categories of keywords would also help one decide their orientation on specific pages.

# One-word keyword

The one-word keyword is used to target high traffic, but it leads to a highly competitive category of sites. Single-word keywords are known as generic keywords where we address the general audience. The single word keyword does not help orient a specific page for a specific audience.

Although, the one-word keyword helps attract huge traffic, but these terms are not relevant at present, since search engines mainly use two or three keywords to find the required information.

Instead, single-word keywords are good topic keywords.

We can use these main keywords 5 to 7 times on a web page for a good theme according to a site. The internal pages of the site can rate these topics in categories of products or services by adding qualifiers to these thematic keywords.


The keyword "Services" will produce the result of all websites related to Services that may be the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, Direct Services, Online Services, Offline services, Indian services, American services, Food services, agricultural services, commercial services, free services, paid services, etc.

# Multi-word keyword

The multi-word keyword is used to target specific traffic, which leads to high sales, a higher position in the search results list and improves competition for page rank. Multi-word keywords are known as specific keywords where we target a specific audience and not a general search engine. The multi-word keyword helps to target a specific page for a specific audience.

Multi-word keyword, most of the time they are location specific and are related to the geographic area of ​​their planned services or products.

# Subject-based keywords

Subject-based keywords are used to target a highly targeted audience, leading to rapid high sales, to a higher position in the search results list, as well as to increase the page rank. Subject-based keywords are known as conceptual keywords.

Subject-based keywords consist of all possible main keywords related to the website, therefore, attract high target audience traffic. Subject-based keywords add quality by providing rich keyword text to search engines, which improve results and provide specific search results listings.

Subject-based keywords are used on each page of the website to focus on a specific topic related to a specific topic or idea (topic). Subject-based keywords effectively contribute to the growth of informational pages for your site, focusing on different related topics.