Sunday, January 8, 2023

Small business CRM is here to stay

Small business CRM is here to stay

Small business CRM is here to stay

If you ask most small business owners how high priority CRM is in their short-term business plans, you'll likely get more than a blank stare. The fact is, most small business owners don't even know what CRM is, not to mention how significantly it can benefit your growing business. This prevailing ignorance of small business CRM (customer relationship management) is generally due to a few basic causes.

Excuses not to invest in CRM for small businesses

The first and most common reason for disinterest in small business CRM is the very nature of small business. With limited financial and staff resources at their disposal, business owners believe they can't afford the money or time a small business CRM system would require to show significant ROI. Often the main concern is staying afloat long enough to sign that big deal or get a big product order.

Still other new business owners believe they can build and maintain quality customer relationships simply by virtue of their friendly personality or their particular market niche. They see small business CRM as a non-essential luxury that can only be enjoyed by their larger competitors. What these owners often discover is that without enough small business CRM support, their business will never expand beyond the number of customer names they can remember. Compounding the problem is when the business expands into Internet sales (an essential move for any growing business) and suddenly finds that its current customer tracking system is overwhelmed by the sheer amount of incoming customer information.

The bottom line

It can be great for bringing new customers to your business, but if you don't care about, track, and understand your customer base, you'll not only be hemorrhaging your hard-earned clientele, you'll also be unable to capitalize on opportunities. future by not anticipating future market trends.

The solution

The good news about CRM for small businesses is that there are a growing number of automated systems available at prices that most smaller businesses can afford without too much difficulty, usually around $2,000 a year. Some CRM companies, effectively eliminating the need for small business owners to micromanage their CRM system, largely manage the newer small business CRM systems. Small business owners can now reap the benefits of a smoothly running CRM system with minimal investment of time and money.

Features to Look for in a Small Business CRM System

There are many features available to small business CRM users designed not only to track sales, but also to generate sales. Here are some features to look for.

· Power Dialing – This feature allows your outbound sales agents to make 300% to 400% of sales calls, effectively quadrupling your workforce.

· Voice Messaging System: Allows you to automatically record and send sales calls designed to get a customer call back.

· Personalized Fax and Email – Following up on leads with timely fax and email can mean the difference between closing sales and missing out on potential revenue.

Other 'must have' features include:

· Calendar

- Marketing management

· Sales management

· Management of orders and quotes

· Service Management

With the ability to outsource these business functions, small business owners can focus on implementing strategies that have had to be postponed due to lack of information or customer time.