Identify the ideal target audience with these 5 tips

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Identify the ideal target audience with these 5 tips

Narrowing your focus down to a core group of people is often difficult for small business owners. They want to help everyone, and very often their product or service CAN help a variety of people.

It also goes against human nature to narrow your focus to growing a business. Common sense seems to tell us that if we want to grow our business in a big way, we must attract more people.

Actually, the opposite is true. When we restrict our focus to a particular group of people, we become experts at solving their particular problems. We get to know them very well and can develop additional products and services to meet their needs.

So how do you decide who to market to?

The following are 5 tips:

1) Think about the kind of people who can benefit MORE from what you have to offer.

2) Think about who you would most like to help or work with.

3. Think about the type of people who will be easiest to reach AND who will be most receptive to what you are selling. These will be people who KNOW they have THE problem you can solve and are LOOKING for a solution.

4) Know that just because you select a particular group of people to focus your marketing on, does NOT mean you can't help others who may come to you. It just means that you are going to focus your proactive marketing efforts on the target group you select.

5) Lastly, don't think about it too much. Listen to your intuition, choose a group you feel you can really help, and continue to develop your marketing plan. Marketing is a fluid process. The important thing is to start. You can always refine your audience and plan later as you learn more.