The voice of viral marketing

viral marketing

The voice of viral marketing

Generating buzz through word of mouth will help drive higher sales and your most important customers.

Viral marketing strategies can effectively drive traffic to your website by creating interest-generating campaigns that excite and energize your customer base. However, to more effectively run a successful viral marketing project, it is important to develop a meaningful understanding of your target audience to leverage their social and psychological network.

By creating articles or newsletters, for example, that resonate with your audience, you will encourage loyal customers to share useful information or unique advice with their family and friends. In fact, viral marketing is one of the most powerful forms of product support, as it consists of unbiased recommendations from trusted sources.

Starting a viral marketing campaign starts with developing unique and engaging content for your most loyal customers. While items that pertain to the product or service you are selling will help drive visitors to your site, creating resources that strategically target your audience.

Once your marketing topic or ideas have been thoroughly cultivated, you can start building a viral marketing campaign around your most critical ideas. At the end of each article, add a link to your website and encourage your readers to send the information to their friends. Your article, if delivered properly, will start to make its way across the web from friend to friend and deliver a core business message that will bring dramatic business gains.

As consumers are inundated with spam and other "junk" messages sent by email, sites that can break up the clutter by creating innovative means of communicating with customers through newsletters are likely to generate significant traffic from mouth to mouth.

Not surprisingly, then, the most popular newsletters and magazines serve as the most effective platforms for viral marketing.

In fact, the success of a viral marketing campaign relies on more than just quality articles. Articles should stimulate the reader to act and send spontaneous information to someone else. Therefore, online articles should serve as more than just sales letters. They need to provide readers with something that is unique. Modern Internet readers do not appreciate being used as business pawns and will quickly get out of a time-wasting site. So by using newsletters to promote more than just their business, online entrepreneurs can develop a better viral campaign.

Various high-profile viral marketing programs can be used as a benchmark for ultimate marketing success. BMW, for example, generated an enormous amount of attention through a series of short movie clips that they posted online at BMW Films. More recently, Burger King developed a commercial featuring a game chicken that traveled the email circuit through word of mouth.

Marketing experts believe that viral marketing is actually the most powerful form of product care available to consumers. Unlike TV ads or other paid advertising, viral marketing cannot be bought. Instead, it relies solely on people's recommendations. However, while a successful viral marketing campaign can be difficult to build, the benefits generated by unbiased care will make your business strong and successful.