8 basic rules for choosing the right affiliate program

8 basic rules for choosing the right affiliate program

8 basic rules for choosing the right affiliate program

1. Find a high-quality product or service

Remember that any recommendation you make will be reflected directly on you. If you recommend a high-quality product, the people you recommended will always trust you and be interested in future recommendations you make. If you recommend a poor quality product, I guarantee that they will probably hesitate to act on any offer that you recommend.

Don't be greedy. Only recommend products that you really believe in.

2. Look for a program that offers the best commissions.

I think it's perfectly reasonable that you expect to be paid 30% to 50% of the profit on each product sold. 5% to 10% is very low. You should look for companies that understand the "lifetime value" of the new customers you refer and who appreciate your efforts.

3. Make sure they have a high sales conversion rate.

Make sure the affiliate program converts a reasonable number of visitors into sales. Otherwise, your efforts to drive traffic to your website will be in vain. A conversion rate of 1% (1 in 100 visitors) is pretty good, 2% + is better.

4. Make sure you are credited for every sale you make.

You need to find out what type of tracking software the Affiliate Program you are interested in joining uses. You MUST look for a program that uses quality affiliate tracking software that is trustworthy and tracks EVERYTHING (online, by phone, fax, mail order, etc), because there are many companies that only track orders on line, and this means you'll never get credit for 5-10% of your affiliate sales.

Make sure they have a high sales conversion rate and good tracking software.

5. They must allow you to access your sales statistics in real time.

What I mean is that the Affiliate Program you join must give you a special username and password that you can use to access your own personal affiliate sales information directly on their website. Many affiliate programs have done this, you don't have to worry about it, but in case they don't, you should reconsider joining them.

6. Look for a program that teaches you how to maximize your affiliate sales.

Affiliate Program will provide you with banners, text links and recommendation letter templates that will generate traffic. They will tell you which techniques work well under what circumstances.

Find an affiliate program that is similarly dedicated to educating its affiliates.

7. Make sure they have a good reputation.

I know many people who have worked very hard, have made many sales for a company, but have never been paid or forced to wait months and months to get their money, I have been there too. If you have any concerns about a company you are thinking of doing business with, ask for references and check them before you join them.

8. Make sure you read all contracts and agreements.

Before joining any affiliate program, be sure to read all contracts and agreements very carefully. Pay close attention to the exclusivity clauses of the contract.