Why is spam a problem?

Why is spam a problem?

 Why is spam a problem?

Spam can be much more harmful than you think. Obviously, they are the most annoying thing you can get through your inbox, but it goes beyond that. If you are like the millions of email users on the Internet, you know that sending and receiving email is a free service that comes with your Internet service.

Internet service providers are great at giving you a way to send letters to your friends and family while saving you the cost of postage and envelopes. Let me explain.

Internet service providers and web servers do not get their email services for free. They have to pay for something that we do not have to pay as consumers. They have to pay for the bandwidth. That may not mean much to you, but for these companies, it means that they are forced to churn out mass emails, and this means their costs go up as well.

It may not seem like a mere consumer issue, but let me tell you, this affects you; here is how:

Since they are forced to send mass emails, which in turn increase the costs of the service, you, as the recipient, are forced to pay more money for your Internet service. This somewhat helps ISPs reduce their overall costs.

Some of the cheaper ISPs, like Net Zero, help cut your costs by charging outside companies money for spam and adding those pesky pop-ups to their home pages. Since advertisers pay for their pop-ups, you get a discount on the cost of using them as an ISP.

Other popular companies use affiliations to help them keep their costs down, which ultimately leaves the consumer with a pretty good rate. I would rather use an ISP that just looks for the search engine affiliation as they have much better pop-up prevention on their side and actually provide you with a service.