The best things in life are free, EVEN your mailing lists!

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The best things in life are free, EVEN your mailing lists!

Direct mail marketing can be expensive for the business owner if it targets the wrong audience. The process can be frustrating for everyone as thousands of businesses forgo viable direct mail campaigns, leaving tens of millions of dollars in unsold revenue to their competitors. The most important factor? Your mailing lists.

After experiencing much of the frustration, I became a self-taught marketer in direct mail promotion and established my own company that specializes in direct mail postcard marketing and printing. One of my biggest and best secrets? How to get the most up-to-date and accurate mailing lists for free. It is really not that difficult.

If you already have a client or client list, then that's the best list to work with. However, if not, here's what to ask yourself: who would want or need my products or services?

Choosing the most effective mailing lists can be difficult, if you mail to the wrong target audience, you are simply wasting your time and money.

The advantage of having an effective mailing list is that you can now reach your best new leads, thereby getting your message across to them and generating leads and sales.

Most startups have a marketing budget, and it's not always a big budget. So I suggest that if you are trying to reach other businesses in your area, you go to your local City Hall and get the current "New Business Licenses" list. Some cities have a small processing fee that they will charge you for the listing, while a growing number of cities now offer it online for free. Our first City Hall listing cost a whopping $ 7, now it's free online every month.

These free lists are not limited to the business-to-business list, the business-to-consumer lists are also free. A local client of ours who runs a Handyman business needed to market his services to homeowners. We suggest you go to the Office of Property Appraisers to get the current free list of "New Homeowners" for that month, rather than spending what little money you had for the promotion just on the mailing list. He followed our suggestion, ordered postcards, and found himself receiving several calls that kept him busy for months.

Your local city council and property appraiser's office are a gold mine of information, and often companies simply don't realize that this data is public information and can be obtained for a minimal fee and often , for free. These are the most up-to-date and accurate lists available.

I have grown my own business on these lists and you can too.