Avoid Scam in Cyber Space


Avoid Scam in Cyber Space

With the rapid growth of business in cyber space, making a lot of elements that are not liable to make the shape of an affiliate website that proved not to pay. Or the more we are familiar with the term scam. The question now is, how do I avoid a scam? Actually, to examine whether or not a scam website was very easy. All you need to do is pay attention to the development of the website. Or more details, let us consider the tips to avoid scam in cyber space:

1. Note the System Work

The first step you need to consider is the system works. Be careful with programs that hypnotizing eyes so that we can follow the program. For example: you as a member will be paid big, while your own work is small (easy to do) chances are, this program is a SCAM. Remember: no pain no money!

2. Note Values ??Commission

Most of us are tempted by a program that pays a GREAT commission the great commission. This often occurs in PTC programs. Read PTC Scam.

3. Note the age of a website

Websites that are credible and actually pay in general have been aged for at least a year and half. So I suggest to follow a program that was so old. You can check the age of a website with a tool that is provided by the site http://www.domaintols.com. For example, if you want to register the PTC program, please list on http://www.bux.to, http://www.neobux.com

PTC website has proven to pay and that is not a SCAM.

4. Ask in yahoo answer

Yahoo’s answer is a gathering place for everyone, including the online business that has been experienced. Ask questions in yahoo answer in a way that standard and use language that is easy to understand, Example:

“I am a newbie who has just anchored in the online business, here I want to ask whether the site xxx.com it a scam?”.

I am sure that you ask these questions will be answered definitely.

Hopefully this article can be useful to avoid scam in cyber space.