Top 5 tips for frustrated affiliate marketers

Top 5 tips for frustrated affiliate marketers

Many internet marketers do it. In fact, 97% of all Internet marketers never make a penny of Internet advertising opportunities. If you want to break free from this cycle of failure, if you want to make a living with your Internet business, read on. I will tell you exactly how you can earn money with any legitimate affiliate program.

To get as much information as I am going to explain to you, you must accept that these methods are not meant to be "secret." These are scientifically proven and best practice methods used by all the best marketing specialists. If you want results, you must do and continue doing the following five things:

1. Know your product. Do not advertise a product or affiliate program that you are not currently using. I can't even count the number of affiliate programs and product offers that I have immediately rejected from people who know very little about what they are really promoting. If you want to make money selling a product or service, you must use it, understand it and be able to convince your prospects that they should own it. If you do not believe in yourself, because you have not even tried it, then you will have difficulty convincing someone else that it is worth it.

2. Know your field. You must be continuously informed about the market in which you sell your product or service. For example, I try to read at least 50 pages about Internet marketing every day to complement the marketing I do. This keeps me learning about my field. The best part of this is that you can do it without spending money. The Internet is loaded with free content sites where you can find free e-books and special reports on any subject. The Internet is also loaded with promoters of affiliate programs that are selling it to you. Use google to find these sites and then reverse engineer them: select the source code, page settings and content design to find out how you can look more like your competition that is selling you more.

3. Concentrate your efforts and limit your innovation. Although "limiting your innovation" may go against your business instincts, it is an absolute necessity with a limited marketing budget. Find out what works scientifically for you by measuring the results of your advertising.  If you get traffic from reciprocal links, continue building them. If you receive constant subscriptions from your newsletter, improve your newsletter and request more potential customers. Do not get away from your original plan. Preset the amount of innovative ideas you want to try each night, but focus your marketing efforts on getting better results from the methods that have already worked for you.

4. Spend money wisely. Internet is loaded with scams and bad information. It is really easy to be fooled to spend money on "get rich quick" schemes and information you can find in free resources. I have personally spent thousands of dollars unnecessarily. But don't get me wrong; I do not say that there are no legitimate affiliate promotion services or information products: I say that the vast majority of them do not work as well as they say. So save your cash. When you find a product that several people have personally recommended, consider buying it. Otherwise, keep your cash to buy services or products that produce hard and definitive results, such as potential email clients for your newsletter or potential customers that you can personally contact to promote your program.

5. Remember that your success depends on your choices and your work alone. If you bother not succeeding with a specific affiliate program, don't blame the program, blame yourself. Make a thorough analysis of what you could be doing better and how you could be making quantitative progress every day. There are people who do not pay money at all for promotional services and yet they can still make a living with the use of free tools on the Internet. Seeing and talking with people who are succeeding in your field will remind you that it is completely possible to earn money online without having a million dollars to start.