Sunday, December 13, 2020

The truth about

The truth about affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are a brilliant idea. For the owner of
the product, are a way to recruit a true army
of vendors to promote your product without having to
pay them a penny unless and until they generate a sale.
For the affiliate, they are an excellent way to earn extra money
zero additional effort

The only problem is that most affiliates DO NOT HAVE
high traffic website and are stuck in thinking that
It is a simple matter of registering for an affiliate program
and "direct traffic" to the site of the product owner using a
URL uniquely encoded. Well, it's that simple. And it is not.

If you don't have your own high traffic website yet,
How do you think you are going to drive traffic to the
Product owner site hoping to generate a sale?

Well, there are some ways, really. And they are all
It will cost you time or money.

First, you will have to spend money on
advertising. How much? Well, consider this. Dear
they vary but, approximately, only 2-4% of people who see your ad
It will actually click on your link. Of that 2-4%, only 1% or
so THEY will buy. Also, take, in
average, 7 or 8 exposures to your ad before people do
Click on it. And to achieve even these piddly numbers
Your market must be targeted first. This is,
As you can see, nothing more than a numbers game. Pure and

a Web page? Well, for starters you'll want
announce where MANY people are going to see your ad.
But not just ANY people. People interested in the product.
You want to sell: your target market. Then this cuts
out of the free classifieds and FFA. And it means that you are
You will have to spend dollars on advertising.

Where are you going to advertise then? The most effective
Advertising form is in electronic publications. Take mine, for example.
14,000 Every week I publish an ad for my own opportunity (in
In addition to posting ads from other paid advertisers). I
generally gets about 500 clicks over the course of
2 or 3 days after publication. That's one click
rate of approximately 3.6%, approximately in line with the average.

If I had to pay to advertise in my electronic publication, it would cost
per 1,000 subscribers) price formula. This is not a
Unusual formula for pricing electronic advertising. You are
therefore paying around 14 cents per click. Not bad.

Other than that, what can you do? Well you can choose
Spend time instead of money. An obvious choice
considering what I just said is to start your OWN electronic publication.

Create your own list and over time you will have a great
Subscriber database to put your ad ahead too ...
and it won't cost you a penny. But this takes time and
it takes work it took me two and a half years to build
A list of 14,000 subscribers. And it takes a few hours of
work to assemble the electronic publication itself, including the writing of the
Main article. Every week, week after week. Worth it
that? Absolutely.

And once you're publishing your own electronic publication, it's a simple
enough to distribute your articles for another electronic publication
publishers to run in their electronic publications. That 4 or 5 liner in the
Finish telling readers who you are with a link to your website
(or, if you don't have one, the website of the owner of
the product you are selling) is effectively free advertising
for you. Not all publishers accept article submissions.
however, be sure to find out if they do it before
Sending your items to them.

But think about this. If you are doing all this work anyway,
Doesn't it make sense to create your OWN website (in
In addition to your electronic publication)? Of course it takes time and it takes
It works and it takes money (but not much; accommodation rates can
be quite cheap if you know where to go). But once it is
ready and it's only in maintenance mode, adding new
content every few days, uploading your latest electronic publication and
keep your files: your website has long
of work for you. Generate a few hundred unique
visitors per day and you can get the same click
through the fee to your affiliate site * for nothing * that you
They paid someone else 14 cents per click. EACH
ONLY DAY 7/24/365.

So, this is the truth about affiliate programs. They're great
if you are the product owner and they are great if you can
But if you don't have your own site, you will have to
both of them.  to earn enough commission to cover your time and
costs and leaves you with a profit?

Bottom line? Get ready to make money with the affiliate
programs before having your own site in place is putting
The car in front of the horse. If you want to make money
And you want to do it fast. But that just doesn't work.
path. Not with affiliate programs, anyway. So adjust
your expectations and take the first steps first. Will be slow
I'm going to start It will take you weeks to create a worthwhile project.
site and then MONTHS to generate the type of traffic that
need. But if you take a long-term approach to your
business and take the time now to lay the right foundation,
you will reap dividends in the coming years.