Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Get high commissions from your affiliate programs!

Get high commissions from your affiliate programs!

A good way to know if the affiliate program you belong to is
serious about your affiliate program commissions is the
percentage you get paid If someone offers you 10%
commission, and they keep the rest, then you should ask

An affiliate program that I have joined pays a 45% commission to
its affiliates and another 10% to the second level. That is 55%!
They only keep 45% and from there they take their
costs Or have gone completely crazy or are very
intelligent! I suspect they are very intelligent.

When paying such high commissions of the affiliate program, they are
attracting many affiliates to their programs. This means that they
You can sell a larger volume. With a higher sales volume they
You can afford to give such a high commission.

Because they are giving away a lot to their affiliates with
high commissions shows that they have supreme confidence in the
value of your product or service and your ability to sell
itself. Your product or service is so good.

Affiliates are doing all presales, everything difficult
work, getting eyeballs on their websites. Do you want to get
To establish a standard of nothing less than 20% and make sure that 20% is
More than just a couple of dollars.

It is with high percentage payers where you can do some
decent commissions. The hitters with more than 40%. These BIG affiliates
the program commissions are what your bank will see
Balance explode every month.