Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Think: the fortune of your is in your pockets

Think: the fortune of your affiliate program is in your pockets

Your affiliate program fortune is already in your pockets! You just don't know yet. Please let me explain.

You have a 9-5, which, with travel and headaches, has become more like a 7: 30-6: 30. Maybe you have children, a spouse, a dog, a car to repair and a tap with leaks You have gardening, housework, homework and work.

 He thinks he could create a small fortune through affiliate programs, if he could only make it fit his schedule. You understand some of the basics of setting up a website. You have an idea for a site that focuses on something you know a lot about. You are quite familiar with making sure that your META tags match the content of the page, and you have learned about how to drive traffic to your site. You know you can get traffic, because you have a unique perspective or focus on the theme of your site. At some point, you may also consider selling some of your own products along with the affiliate links that you have (or would like to) configure.

So where will you find the time to run a site, find affiliate programs, offer your visitors excellent content to read and start creating your fortune on the Internet?

The answer is in your thinking. Your thinking has to help you realize that fortune is not yet in your wallet. Fortune, however, is already in your pockets. I will say it again. Fortune is ALREADY sitting in your pockets.

How can your fortune be in your pockets? Your fortune is in the pockets of the TIME you have. You have time while the pot is on the stove boiling water, and you have time while you wait for your children in their soccer practice.

It has time pockets, and if you ever want to have more than just time pockets, you must learn to use the pockets you have more effectively, starting today.

(This has as much to do with the planning of your life as with the construction of a successful website that generates income. You can take this skill and apply it everywhere for anything you want to achieve.)

So how can you use your pockets effectively?

# 1 Decide

Make the decision that you will be working on this project for at least 15 minutes every day, no matter what happens (it can take two days / week off).Decide that this site will come true in 6 months. (Be realistic with yourself. If you are only working 15 minutes / day, 6 months is a realistic goal.)

# 2 Act in the right direction

Start with the end in mind. You have heard this before, but you may have never applied it. Now I tell you that you should read this article and then apply the principle. Start with the end in mind. Get your plan on paper. Find out how you want your site to look. Look at the overall design. Keep it simple, so you can design it, or explain to someone else how to design it. Design so that anyone can easily navigate to any page of the site from any other part of the site. Put it on paper first. Have your friends (and even strangers, if you wish) review your site plan. Request your honest comments. Don't be offended if they tell you that you can try to change some things. Take what works and put aside what does not work. Decide on a color scheme. Color is very important in the marketing of products.

Here is the danger of not starting with the end in mind: you will spend hours working on completely unrelated projects, browsing the Internet and reviewing affiliate programs that do not fit the design of your site. (Not having a design for your site would be like climbing a ladder from which you cannot see the top, but thought it would lead to a good place, only to realize once you reached the top that your ladder was not even supported against the right wall.) Start with the general picture of how you want your site to look and work from that plan.

# 3 15 per day

Working on it 15 minutes / day, it will probably take 6 months to build a quality site, so divide the largest project into 15-minute pieces. Work the plan and design backwards. A good-sized site with a lot of content could have about 100 pages. Let's say you're building a site about, oh, I don't know. Let's say baseball bats. (It is an example for the purposes of this article).

Your site could be divided into 4 sections such as:

History of baseball bats

Types of baseball bats

Baseball bats of famous players

Comments and places to buy baseball bats online

Each of these sections can have 22-25 pages each. This is how it breaks down:

Month 1:
Every day, you will create the content for 1 page in the History section

Month 2:
Every day, you will create the content for 1 page in the Types section

.and so.

At this point, all you have done is take 15 minutes / day to write a short article about some aspect of the larger section. Anyone can find or do 15 minutes of time every day, if this is really something they want to do.

At the end of four months, writing 1 page / day, you will have written between 80 and 100 pages of content for your site.

Now you may be thinking that you don't have 100 pages of content to write. It's okay. Take the first two months, develop a 35-50 page site and then spend 15 minutes / day researching, looking for affiliate programs and obtaining relevant links to your site. Simply use your time pockets effectively.

# 4. Gather everything

Now it's in month 5, and he's realizing how valuable his pockets really are, because he's created a great site about baseball bats (or whatever he wants to create a site), and he has done it in his pockets of time you had. Now is the time to take 15 minutes / day and make sure everything works correctly, that your pages are aesthetically pleasing and that people can easily move into your site. You will also use these 15 minutes / day to find affiliate programs for the chosen topic, add links to your site, make sure everything works fine and then put your site online.

# 5. Continue the process

In month 6, you will get traffic to your site will be where you spend your 15 minutes every day. (How to get links and what types of sites with which you exchange links will be reserved for another time, but continue with the pocket principle).

Use the time pockets you have, and instead of watching another person on television build your dream, start building your own dream through the online business. You can do it if you realize that you have small spaces of time and then use time in your pockets. If you are willing to do the job to make this happen, and you are disciplined enough to create pages and write content no matter what, you will succeed. In short, you should start making your pockets more valuable.