Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Promotion of your affiliate programs with articles

Promotion of your affiliate programs with articles

If you are not creating articles for your website and its affiliate programs, you should do so. Why? Although it may seem like a lot of work, and it may take time to build - articles add a valuable product to your site - content. And my friend, search engines and people are always looking for good content.

If you are creating articles, you are always looking for ways to make your article reach the masses, and the more exposure your article has, the greater the chance that people will read it and want to visit your website. Should you submit your articles manually or should you use a marketing article delivery service of your choice, where is your article going? Is an item shipping service a good option for you when you ship items? I hope to show you the pros and cons of this service and allow you to be the judge.

Pro to Article Submission Service

The article submission service can be of great help when your time is limited and you want to take your articles to all sites and groups of articles. However, when the service is staggered, depending on what you pay and don't pay, you should be aware of what you are receiving.

All services provide a sample with a free service, and I found that the free service is on the expected side. After sending me to the free service of an article shipping service, I received the following:

1. I received several emails indicating that my article had been received by a site and would be reviewed. This is usual and a good sign.

2. I received emails from Yahoo groups, which is a good sign, but I didn't participate because I knew that I would receive articles from other authors on a regular basis and I didn't want to overwhelm my private email address. Therefore, keep in mind, use a Yahoo email address and keep your private email address separately.

Sending the article to article sites, such as Ezine Articles (which, by the way, is one of my favorite sites) and Go Articles will require a small outlay of money for each article monthly. Therefore, I would use a shipping service if:

1. I had a separate email address to capture the articles of other authors that I would receive from Yahoo groups.

2. I wanted to separate myself from my money to take advantage of the service.

3. I needed more time.

4. I want a broader exposure of my articles and, therefore, more traffic to my site.

Cons of using an article admission service

When looking at something new, you should determine when it is advantageous to use a service or do it yourself. These are some of the problems I would have to overcome:

1. If I ship by myself, I know that the article or articles have reached their expected destination or destinations, but the exposure my article obtains will be limited by the sites I know.

2. If I am restricted by general titles, article sites will drop my article because they may not comply with the rules.

3. If I do it myself, I can direct my article to the specific and intended audience.

For me, I will use the paid shipping service when I have little time and have the money in hand. However, I will not waste my time on the free service because the return is very limited and, from what I have seen, offers few benefits for my site.