7 reasons why you need a security camera for home

7 reasons why you need a security camera for home


1. Easy to install: most of the network cameras on the market are plug and play and / or have very simple instructions to follow for both hardware and software.
2.you can have a network camera security system that can defend itself against CCTV and the traditional security systems.
3. It works with your existing computer network: if you already have a home network, the network camera works with your configuration, so you don't need to pay more for the proper security infrastructure.
4. Provide peace of mind: take care of your home, take care of your children's room, take care of your vacation home, take care of your pets while on vacation, etc.
5. See remote areas: as far away as worldwide, or your own front porch from a centralized area. You can even remotely see your children in daycare (depending on daycare policies, although this is becoming more standard)
6. Flexibility: prefer not to be tied to the security control panel or hire a full-time security professional to monitor things, then receive security alerts that you can see from a cell phone, laptop or PDA device, and provide access to multiple users to various security assets.
7. Receive email alerts when you detect movement, either when someone visits your home or when your children leave your home to hang out.


1. It may have poor image quality depending on the model and configuration, and wireless cameras generally have a poorer image quality in the lower to medium range.
2. For more details, such as sound recording, scheduled emails and motion capture, it varies greatly from the description of the model and software.
3. In general, outdoor surveillance equipment is more expensive, especially if you want the ability to rotate / tilt, zoom in, out and desire a waterproof camera. However, for a domestic system, this is probably not as urgent as the opposite of a commercial situation.
4. It depletes the resources of the computer network, so if you do not have a fast computer, there is the possibility of a slight slowdown in your collective resources.

Remember that despite the disadvantages, the benefits outweigh them, as they provide excellent safety results at a lower installation and maintenance cost than traditional closed-circuit television systems.