7 excellent tips for driving targeted traffic to your website

7 excellent tips for driving targeted traffic to your website

We all need traffic. It is the lifeblood of an online business. But what are the best ways to drive traffic directed directly to your website? Here are 7 excellent tips to help you decide.

1. Offline advertising = Online benefits

Whatever you try to sell online will probably be linked to a relevant or appropriate offline media section. For example, if you are selling bicycles from your website, there will undoubtedly be an appropriate offline magazine, in which you can place an ad. The purpose of the ad is not to sell your products, but to get potential customers to visit your website. Therefore, your ad should only consist of a few lines, which should be quite economical.

Your bike ad might read like this: Are you looking for a new bike? We have a wide range at discount prices and can deliver in 48 hours. For more information, visit our website. www. bicycles4u.com: Your ad can be placed in cycling magazines, sports magazines or even in national and local newspapers. Wherever you think your potential customers will look for your products or services offline is a means for them to connect.

2. Press releases for inquiring minds.

Some people just have to know what's new, what's inside and what's not. To remain at the forefront in this age of information, online and offline press releases can offer titbits of journalistic interest that could even be picked up by the national press. If you are just starting in your online business, launching a new product or creating a new service, people will want to know.

If this is something you haven't done before, take a look at some existing press releases by going to Google and typing 'press releases' in the search field.  Most will charge you for this service, but your press release could obtain maximum coverage on and off the Internet.

3. Optional mailing lists

Voluntary subscription mailing lists can provide one of the most effective ways to generate repeat businesses from your existing customer base. If your customers have bought you once and that shopping experience was satisfactory, there is a good chance that they will buy again because they trust you. Capture emails encouraging your customers to subscribe to your newsletter or other promotional information.
Alternatively, you can rent an optional email list. A carefully written email message to people who have expressed interest in receiving more information about your products or services could generate additional sales, but be prepared to pay a princely sum.

4. Receive your message directly to your customers.

Since everyone can remember, direct mail has been one of the most effective and profitable forms of marketing in history. Many people have earned millions by direct mail and it is still as successful today as it was 50 years ago. It is also relatively easy and economical. First, create a single-page introductory sales letter or brochure, detailing your products or services and all the benefits. For maximum effect, offer your new customers a discount or something for free, when they first buy on your website.
Don't forget that you want them to visit your website, so give them more than a good reason to do so. Then, rent a specific mailing list from an accredited list agent. There are lists available, covering all imaginable geographic and demographic statistics, so whatever business you are in, there will be one that is right for you. Send your 'invitations' and wait for your visit counter to melt.

5. Reference Marketing

This is a simple strategy of referring your own clients to a related but non-competitive website in exchange for doing the same for you. Let's say you are selling printers.. Ask them if they would be willing to send you their traffic in exchange for you to do the same for them. The majority will agree. Among you, you must decide whether to show an ad on the other's site or request a written recommendation.
Either way, it will increase the chances of getting more traffic to your site because they have recommended you. You can search many related websites and receive numerous traffic flows directly.

6. Merchant traffic

Paying a company to send traffic to your website is an easy option, as long as the traffic is directed. There are many companies that specialize in the sale of traffic. You could say they are traffickers. They use all forms of online advertising for people to visit your website and generally guarantee numbers. With around $ 20 for 10,000 visitors, it certainly seems tempting.
Although there are many merchants to choose from, beware of scammers operating in this market. Some will take your money and place your ad on a Free For All (FFA) website, leaving it to handle hundreds or thousands of unwanted emails from everyone and their dogs trying to sell their products. A good place to start would be SafePartner.com. They offer a variety of packages and are very affordable. TrafficCircuit.com is another company that offers this service but charges a little more. However, they offer tracking services, so you can see where the traffic comes from. If you like statistics, you can find this service very useful.

7. Affiliate programs

You simply cannot afford to ignore affiliate programs. Having other people sell their products for a commission is a proven and proven exercise, successful and very rewarding. It doesn't work very well if you are selling a service, but it is overwhelmingly amazing to change your product range. The best part is that, once configured, it works on autopilot. All you have to do is monitor your success, because affiliates do all the work for you. They advertise their products and send traffic to their website to buy them.

Another thing is that you don't have to pay your affiliates until they have paid you. In addition, you save on advertising costs and the increased activity on your website helps your search engine. There are a variety of affiliate program tracking programs available to track your sales and commission payments or, if you prefer, you can hire a company to take care of all that aspect of the business.

There are many ways in which you can get others to sell your products, and there are many ways to find willing affiliate partners. Affiliate marketing is quickly becoming a science.

As you can see, targeted traffic is not that difficult to do, but the rewards for your online business will appear in the bank.